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Eat & Drink

Aruba’s cuisine is a fusion of global flavors and spices simmered in our kitchens for centuries.

Full bellies, happy hearts

In Aruba’s restaurants, you’ll find fresh Mahi-mahi, red snapper, and barracuda pulled from the sea and rubbed with creole seasoning. In upscale restaurants and small local gems, stew pots bubble with rice, meats, and rich Latin and African flavors.

All in the same day, you can indulge in traditional Dutch pancakes, sip ice-cold Aruba Aribas by the sea, and pile your plate high with pastechi—with a dash of spice from our local hot pepper sauce, pica di papaya. Around our tables, everyone is welcome.

In Aruba, we savor the small things. It’s why an Aruban getaway is one of the most unique foodie vacations in the Caribbean. Whether it’s a Balashi beer between friends or the catch of the day pulled fresh from the sea, Aruba culinary travel is as diverse as it is delicious. And with over 250 restaurants to choose from, it’s easy to find something that fit your appetite.

Here, you can indulge in traditional dishes inspired by our diverse heritage: from Dutch bitterballen to rich curry goat and dishes from Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean. Or, satisfy your hunger for unique food travel with our inspired takes on modern French or Italian cuisine.

On our island, we embrace culinary vacations and foodies with open arms and full plates – with local favorites and international flavors. Explore our culinary vacation packages to find that one that fills your belly, and your heart, with happiness.

Local Aruba Cuisine

Discover how the melting pot of cultures contributes to a menu influenced by Holland, South America, and the Caribbean.

North American
European and Dutch


Relish traditional and contemporary Italian cuisine presented in elegant fine dining and family-style restaurants.


It's a food affair

Divi Resorts Dining

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Dining in Aruba

2020 Guide to the Best Restaurants in Aruba

View our Guide to Aruba's Best Restaurants for advice on where to go no matter what you're in the mood for!

Featured Eateries

Eat & Drink

Wilhelmina Restaurant

Eat & Drink

Charlie's Bar

Eat & Drink


Eat & Drink

White Modern Cuisine

Eat & Drink

Screaming Eagle Restaurant

Eat & Drink

El Faro Blanco