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Aruba Certified
Savaneta 270
12° 26' 45.4704" N, 69° 56' 47.6592" W
Phone: +297-584-8401

Enjoy fresh seafood right from the source at this idyllic spot in Savaneta, a seaside town once the capital of Aruba.  From sea to grill or fryer, the catch of the day might include wahoo, snapper, barracuda or kingfish, and the biggest shrimp you are likely to have ever seen!  Served with no frills on paper plates with plastic utensils, the food, the ambiance and the view at this Aruba restaurant are more than worth the drive from the hotel area.

Place your order at the front counter where your selection is weighed to determine the price, then on to a la minute preparation. Seafood is accompanied by fries, plantains, onions in vinegar (pika), and pan bati (Aruban cornbread).  At sunset, enjoy the sight of the boats coming in filled with the day’s bounty while you sip a frosty local beer. 

Open  11 am – 9 pm daily except Monday