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The Daily Meal gives you the ins and outs on Aruba's trendiest beach bars, sophisticated eateries, local cuisine and the most romantic spots for toes-in-the-sand dining!
Casual Beach Bars

Bugaloe Beach Bar & Grill

Situated on Palm Beach Pier, this breezy and colorful eatery is the perfect spot to watch the sun set, sip on a frosty beer or cool cocktail, have a bite to eat or all of the above. In addition to beach snacks like juicy burgers, fresh salads and satisfying sandwiches, tantalizing dinner platters are served after 5 p.m., when the fun continues well after the sun sets. Bungaloe often plays host to live music, salsa and meringue workshops and beach volleyball tournaments.

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Sophisticated Eateries

Carte Blanche

Carte Blanche is a restaurant for 'foodies', people who are open minded for an exquisite fine dining experience without limitations in a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. Chef Dennis van Daatselaar created and originated this unique concept on Aruba in which he prepares a meal right in front of all the guests. The menu consists of many different flavors and the freshest ingredients available. Carte Blanche exclusively seats 16 patrons per evening at a low riding oval-shaped bar in comfortable lounge chairs where everyone can interact with the Chef himself.

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Pier Dining

The Pelican Nest Bar & Seafood Grill

This open-air restaurant sits on a stilted pier above the glittering waves of the Caribbean Sea on Palm Beach, between Holiday Inn and Playa Linda resorts. Owned by the tour company Pelican Adventures, a casual, easy and fun vibe surrounds the restaurant, while fresh food and attentive service are known hallmarks.

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Authentic Aruban Cuisine

Madame Janette

The "Madame Janette Experience" has made this island hotspot a fan favorite, with every dining element working in synergy. The restaurant's large patio, glowing with strands of colored lights, illuminates the restaurant's oasis-like location in the middle of a residential area. The atmosphere on the terrace features live music as a guitarist plays through the evening, and on the covered deck area around the terrace are patrons perusing the restaurant's extensive beer list, featuring at least sixty bottles. Menu favorites for this fine-dining, casual-atmosphere eatery are courtesy of owners Ramon Helgers and Karsten Gesing, fans of exotic fruits, herbs and vegetables incorporated into traditional dishes with tasteful and creative elements and a "touch of the Caribbean."

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Toes-In-The-Sand Experiences

Flying Fishbone

A culinary retreat nestled in a cozy crescent bay in Savaneta, Flying Fishbone provides gourmands with a fine selection of delicious Caribbean and continental seafood and steak creations created by Chef Patrick, complemented by artistic plate presentations and exceptional service. The gracious servers, barefoot like the diners, help patrons decide on dishes such as coconut shrimp salad with pineapple and mustard herb-crusted veal chops. Fortunately, the magical, torch-lit ambiance complements each and every choice available at this venue.

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