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Sultan Restaurant & Cafe

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Palm Beach 21A, Noord, Aruba

From $ 20 - $ 80


By visiting Sultan Restaurant & Cafe you will be delighted with a unique experience of the middle east in Aruba.

Our Middle Eastern Specialty dishes are prepared with the basic spices used in the Middle East in a slightly modern fusion style. Typically, dishes are served according to savoury or sweet, rather than in courses.

Food is served in various platters and dishes at a dining table, served in plates, and eaten with cutlery, as is the European tradition.

In traditional Arabian restaurants, a large, low table lined with Persian rugs and with cushions around the sides is the setting for feasting; people sit cross-legged in a circle, and food is served in the centre, again eaten with cutlery in separate plates. Afterwards, tea will be served in "kamar baareek" glasses [literally 'narrow waist'] with sugar lumps, Persian sweets, and possibly a hookah, enjoyed in the same communal fashion.

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