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Ocean view of Eagle Beach from the Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort.

12 May 2020

Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort’s Hi-tech, Hospital-grade COVID-19 Safety Protocol

LEED, ISO and HACCP certified Aruba resort details ongoing and enhanced commitment to guests’ safety

Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort in Aruba has elevated guest health and safety to an art form. As couples continue to make reservations for the adults-only enclave, they will be assured of experiencing the Caribbean’s healthiest and safest vacation.

As the region’s most-eco certified hotel, Bucuti has long had a heightened awareness for the health and safety of both guests and the planet. Its new COVID-19 safety protocols were developed within Centre for Disease Control guidelines, World Health Organisation recommendations and in-person evaluations by practicing ICU (intensive care unit) doctors and nurses currently being hosted onsite at Bucuti & Tara.

Study reveal travellers’ new priorities

A newly released study by Magma Global Travel asked guests to rank what is most important to them as parts of the world continue opening back up to travel. The overarching reveal is that 86.3% want to know exactly “how the hotel cleans their rooms.” The other top priority is 59.3% indicated a hotel’s cancellation policy will strongly influence their travel decision. Bucuti shares these health priorities and has also implemented a flexible policy of waiving all cancellation fees through Dec. 22, 2020.

The ultimate in social, yet distant service

Every aspect of the guest experience has been revisited and revised to create an entirely touch-free vacation. Aruba has contained the COVID-19 virus successfully, however, Bucuti’s associates will continue following a regimented protocol ensuring guests and staff are in a healthy, safe setting. All staff will periodically undergo COVID-19 medical tests and will have temperature checks before beginning each workday. Anyone showing any suspicious symptoms will be sent immediately for testing.

From the moment a couple arrives stepping onto the resort’s walkway to the moment they depart, this new touch-free experience blends proven, high-tech hospital grade protocols with Bucuti’s signature hospitality so the experience remains warm and familiar.

Guests are greeted curbside by their personal concierge with welcoming smiles rather than handshakes and escorted directly to their room for check-in via personal tablet. Throughout their stay, their personal concierge is at their ready, so no guests ever have to wait in the company of others.

Hospital-grade, hi-tech protocols

Using sophisticated, advanced technologies, the process has four phases that guarantee perfectly sanitised public areas and guest rooms which are treated and then sealed until guests arrive.  With no harsh chemicals being used, the multi-step process is administered by highly trained staff resulting in every accommodation always having a hospital-grade sterilization that treats the air and every surface of all spaces:

●        Step 1. Environmentally safe, hospital-grade hydrogen peroxide cleaning solution continues being used, which is both EPA and LEED approved.

●        Step 2. An AtmosAir Rainier Summit ionizer treatment removes any mold, mildew and bacteria or viruses

●        Step 3.  Sanidyne® Premium UV Portable Air and Surface Sanitizer treatment

●        Step 4. HEPA air-cleaners, which have always been in each room, continue to provide the purest air on the island.

No expense has been spared. The investment in UV and ionizer treatments surpass $100,000 at this privately owned, boutique resort. For Aruba’s tropical environment, Bucuti has specifically selected and implemented a superior protection process with the newest sanitation steps of the UV sterilising unit and state-of-the-art ioniser technology. The sterilisation-grade lamps emit UV lights and the ioniser projects ions that actively attach to and eliminate all viruses and germs. Finally, after sterilising every room, it is then sealed with a sticker ensuring guests they are entering a hospital-grade, sterilised room. Additionally, at no time will a staff member ever enter a guest room when guests are present.

New initiatives join bedrock of safety protocols

Operating with the guests’ safety and wellness has been at the core of the resort’s offering – decades before COVID-19. Bucuti & Tara’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and wellness is evident in its extensive technology supporting clean and healthy accommodations. Rooms have always been outfitted with individual HEPA air filters and dehumidifiers, guests breathe the purest air. HAACP and ISO certifications assure guests along with staff that cleanliness guidelines are paramount. Recent accolades – certified CarbonNeutral®, LEED Gold certification  and Travel + Leisure magazine’s 2020 Global Vision Award – celebrate Bucuti’s success in providing the highest standards in a hotel environment.

New dining experience

For dining, tables are spaced even further than the customary uncrowded design and the popular morning buffet service has been updated to made-to-order and safely served individually by staff. Its Elements restaurant menus will now be sanitised and labelled disinfected for every guest who will then place their order from a social-distanced server. Bucuti’s private palapas also offer couples the ultimate in social distancing dining experiences.

During this quiet time, the property is even renovating its guests-only SandBar, which will further provide more space for each couple. 

Home of the most beach space per couple

Bucuti & Tara has long guaranteed social distancing every couple with paired sun loungers that are indulgently surrounded by or distanced with 24+ feet of powdery white sand. Couples cherish being able to converse with one another, away from others. With its signature red flag service, staff only comes when guests request. This atmosphere of peace and tranquility is prevalent throughout the resort by design with couples often remarking they think they have the whole property to themselves.

Open for business, accepting reservations

Bucuti & Tara continues to remain open. The community-oriented property is providing fine dining via delivery for locals, hosting guests, accepting reservations and even housing ICU doctors and nurses who are helping to train Bucuti’s staff.

“Every day we hear from guests and travel professionals who are ready to return to Bucuti & Tara and we are pleased our new touch-free safety protocols will provide guests with peace of mind so they can focus on what is most important – one another,” shares Owner/CEO Ewald Biemans.  



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