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Getting to Aruba

Getting to Aruba from almost anywhere in the world is a simple, stress-free experience. Just like being here.

Easy to reach

Every day, we welcome happy visitors through the Port of Aruba, or our state-of-the-art international airport. There you’ll find daily flights from locations all over the world, as well as convenient single-connection flights from most major US cities.

EU, American, Canadian, Caribbean and most South American citizens don’t require visas to enter Aruba. And as an added convenience, you can even fill in your embarkation-disembarkation card online before you leave. Consider it your quick path to happiness.

Popular Sporting Event

The Aruba Cycling Federation organises one of the biggest cycling events of the year, on our National Flag and Anthem Day.…

When you travel to Aruba, we want you to stop worrying long before you even set foot on the island. It is for this reason that we have simplified visa procedures, use the US Dollar as an official currency, and have so many direct incoming and outgoing flights to and from major cities. Aruba travel should always be a breeze!

More about getting to Aruba

What to Bring to Aruba

to Aruba on your first visit. Allow us to give you a few pointers regarding what to pack so you can fully enjoy your stay here.

Flying into Aruba

With an impressive number of flights providing service to the island daily, Aruba is easier to reach than ever.

Cruise Information

Indulge in luxury shopping, try local cuisine, relax on pristine beaches; your cruise holiday is at its best in Aruba.

Passports & Visas Aruba

Please review Aruba’s entry requirements to ensure there are no hitches upon arrival at our One happy island.

Online ED Card Aruba

Your travel experience to Aruba has just become easier, with our new online ED-Card!

Hassle-free vacation


Aruba Beach Tennis


Arikok National Park


The California Lighthouse