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Our Island, Aruba

In the warm waters of the southern Caribbean, just outside of the hurricane belt, lies Aruba. One Happy Island Our home.

Only 19.6 miles long and six miles across, our beautiful speck of powdery-white sand is a paradise shaped by the sea — an island that embraces you with warm sunny days and even warmer, sunnier people.

The southerly and westerly region of Aruba is alive with resorts, shopping and nightlife. In the north, waves and wind sculpt rugged coastlines and limestone cliffs. And in our heart, Arikok National Park protects an expanse of desert landscape, towering cacti and natural wonders.

Aruba, One Happy Island

When you touch Aruba it touches you back. The island returns your love with warmth and kindness, natural treasures and surprises.

History and Culture

You’ll find traces of Aruba’s history and culture on cave walls, pastel façades and the faces of our happy people.

Facts about Aruba

Nestled in the heart of the Southern Caribbean, our happy island is a beautiful, sun-kissed speck on a vast azure sea.


From our dry desert to our Dutch-colonial capital, every part of Aruba sets us apart from any other Caribbean island.

Itinerary ideas

Countless ways to find happiness

Inspire your Aruba vacation with itineraries that invite you to explore, experience, and embrace every unforgettable corner of our happy island.

Get Inspired

Aruba 360° Map

Click around and explore all the ways to experience One Happy Island.