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Facts about Aruba

Nestled in the heart of the Southern Caribbean, our happy island is a beautiful, sun-kissed speck on a vast azure sea.

Island Facts

Our wonderful people are dedicated to hospitality – to making our happy island home feel like your happy island escape. We welcome travellers in four languages, represent over 90 unique nationalities ourselves and love swapping old stories with new friends.

Beyond our beautiful alabaster coasts, picture-perfect weather and crystal clear waters teeming with aquatic life, Aruba is an island as diverse as its people. A beautiful, sustainable spectrum of dry desert, limestone coves and picturesque pastel architecture ripe for exploration.

A closer look at Aruba

Weather and Climate

Aruba averages a balmy 82 degrees, with more sunny days than any other Caribbean island.


While Dutch and Papiamento are our official languages, most Arubans also speak English and Spanish.

Special Requirements

Our happy island is open and accessible to all and we offer accommodation to visitors with special mobility requirements.


We protect the island we love. This is why we’re striving to draw 100% of our energy from renewable sources within ten years.

A Cultural Adventure

Ready to experience something different, consider San Nicolas: a short distance away, but a world of difference!…

This was a selection of a few of many Aruba facts you may or may not have known.

Weather and Climate of Aruba

Aruba’s balmy weather, paired with caressing trade winds, couldn’t be more consistent, promising you a sunny holiday.

Aruban Languages

We communicate in several languages, including English, but it’s the unique rhythm of Papiamento that will charm you.

Special Requirements

Our goal is to make travelling with special requirements in Aruba as convenient, stress-free and as comfortable as possible.

Sustainability in Aruba

Aruba strives for sustainable prosperity; nurturing the quality of life of our people, our environment and our economy.

Art in Aruba

Aruba’s culture comes alive in the spirited rhythms, art and dance that fill our streets, homes, galleries and hearts.

Beaches & Coves
Natural Wonders of Aruba
Sightseeing Tours in Aruba

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