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Pictures of Aruba's diverse landscape and animals

Bird Watching in Aruba

Aruba is the perfect island for Caribbean bird watching.

During your Aruba trip, you're as free as a bird. Speaking of birds, Aruba is the perfect island for Caribbean bird watching.

With more than 200 registered species of birds, there’s a lot to see for locals and tourists. Find out more about birding in Aruba and discover the best places for some Caribbean bird watching!

Bird Watching in Aruba

Caribbean bird watching in Aruba 

If you’re up to some Caribbean bird watching, Aruba is the place to go. Next to diverse landscapes, beaches, and reefs, you can also enjoy lots of different bird species in Aruba. This makes bird watching during your travels a great idea. One of the locations where you can go for bird spotting is Arikok National Park. Next to beautiful birds, you will also enjoy the impressive landscapes. Of all the Caribbean birds, Arubans are most proud of their local burrowing owl, called the Shoko. Go on a bird watching tour and you might see it… 

Birding in Aruba? Visit Bubali Bird Sanctuary

When birding in Aruba, Bubali Bird Sanctuary is a must visit! Bubali Bird Sanctuary is the best place for birding in Aruba, located within walking distance from Palm Beach. Bring a visit to this nature reserve and you get a chance to watch over more than 80 species of birds including Caribbean sea birds, herons, coots, ducks and more. The observation tower in Bubali Bird Sanctuary allows you to get a clear view while watching Caribbean birds. A big advantage is that Bubali Bird Sanctuary is very close to Palm Beach, so you don’t even have to travel for this bird watching experience. If you want, you can easily combine a beach day and bird watching in your holiday!

Bird watching tours in Aruba

Would you like birding in Aruba together with other bird lovers? Join a bird watching tour! This is the ultimate opportunity to share your bird watching experience with like minded people. Next to bird watching tours, there are more tours you can do on the island. For a small island, Aruba has a lot to offer! Explore the desert terrain by jeep or discover Aruba from the sea and join a sail tour. The possibilities are endless on the One Happy Island! But before you book anything, make sure to have a look on our Deals & Offers page first. Maybe we can arrange a discount for your favourite tour…

We’re just getting started with the amazing effects Aruba has to offer. Dig into your trip details below to unlock a Caribbean experience that will leave you sunnier, happier, and (of course) a little more tanned.

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