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Do it for the gram: 12 Instagrammable spots in Aruba

How we look at travelling has shifted in recent years with the rise of social media.

Because of content creators/influencers, we see more and more people simply travelling to certain destinations or visiting specific spots for the sake of Instagram shots. We’ve all done it, right? You can’t just go on holiday anymore without rubbing it in your friends and family’s faces. But now, it’s not just about posting any picture anymore. It’s about THE picture at THE spot. Aruba is the perfect place to beautify your grid and make your followers just a little bit jealous. Let’s talk about all the amazing spots for envious Instagram posts, stories, and reels in Aruba!

1. Rum Reef #rumreefaruba

They say if you have something blue in your post, you’ll get more likes. Well, at Rum Reef, your post will be pretty much all blue. The infinity pool over the blue ocean water makes for amazing content!

instagram user generated content


2. Swing at the Ritz #beachswingaruba

This spot was made for this. Depending on what side you take it from, you’ll get a beach background or a wooden deck surrounded by mangroves. I can guarantee many likes on this one.

instagram user generated content


3. Local coffee spots #coffeeinaruba

The original social post, some would say. Posting about your coffee. Well, this blog post will give you some ideas for instagrammable coffee spots on the island. What’s better than discovering new places, having a nice cup of coffee with dessert, and taking a nice shot for the gram?


4. Murals in San Nicolas #snmurals

The murals in San Nicolas are all done by local and international artists. The best part of this insta-spot is that you can take more than 1 photo for your grid. In this area only, you can create content for months to come. Just make sure you put some other shots in between these posts.

instagram user generated content


5. Rodgers Beach stairs #rodgersbeach

The recently renovated stairs at Rodger’s Beach are beautiful from every angle. Take a shot at the top walking down, and you’ll have the blue ocean water behind you. Take the shot from the bottom, and you’ll catch some of the most beautiful mosaic art on the island. You can’t go wrong here.

instagram user generated content


6. Mangel Halto #mangelhalto

One of the most beautiful, somewhat hidden beaches on the island is Mangel Halto. The crystal clear water makes it almost impossible to resist jumping in. The different shades of blue make the perfect backdrop to your insta-shots. The mangrove area really gives off secluded location vibes.

instagram user generated content


7. Tres Trapi #trestrapi

This little cove is a favorite amongst locals and visitors. Amazing for swimming, snorkelling, and taking amazing Instagram shots. What’s unique here, aside from the beautiful blue waters, of course, is that you can float around and have your picture taken from above. Have your photographer stand at the edge of the limestone cove while you float around either alone or in a donut. Choose bright-coloured swimwear or floaties to make your post really pop. You can also take your pics going up the 3 steps that are carved into the limestone.

instagram user generated content


8. Donkey Sanctuary #donkeysanctuaryaruba

Do you know what you don’t see a lot of on insta? Donkeys. The Donkey Sanctuary is a safe haven for injured or abused wild donkeys. It’s also the perfect place for unique Instagram shots.

instagram user generated content


9. Archeological Museum #arubamuseum

Originally the old family home of well-known local World War II hero Boy Ecury, the Archeological Museum of Aruba is full of iconic photo ops! The green two-story building will for sure stand out in your followers’ insta feed.


10. Breakfast spots #breakfastinaruba

People love food on Instagram. They love watching people make food, eating food, and looking at pictures of food. This blog post will give you an idea of some of the best instagrammable breakfast spots in Aruba. Chicken and waffles on my feed? Yes, please!

Breakfast Spots


11. Eduardo’s #eduardosaruba

The island’s favourite smoothie bowl spot is a must-stop for your insta post. The colourful creations are sure to make your followers drool.

instagram user generated content


12. Big red anchor #arubaredanchor

This iconic red anchor has been one of Aruba’s most popular picture spots since before social media existed. Let’s keep it alive, shall we? It overlooks the sea and stands there in memory and in honour of all seamen who have lost their life at sea. If you’re heading to insta-spot #2 & #6, you can’t miss it!

instagram user generated content

Don’t forget to use these hashtags when you post your island adventures and tag @arubatourismuk/

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