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Try signature cocktail Aruba Ariba at Apotek Aruba

Tucked away in Oranjestad ‘your prescription to euphoria’ awaits at premier speakeasy Apotek.

This is where authentic and flavourful cocktails can pretty much tantalise any tastebud and set the tone for a classy night out.

For World Bartender Day, one of Apotek’s talented bartenders Ramiro shares his version of Aruba’s signature cocktail, the Aruba Ariba as well as other cocktail insights.  

“For World Bartender Day I would definitely create my version of the Aruba Ariba. Not only is this a very popular cocktail, but it is here in Aruba that I grew as a cocktail maker and bartender and this is the best way for me to honour and thank the island.”

Aruba Ariba – Ramiro style

  • Mezcal vago elote 1oz
  • Ancho Reyes 1oz
  •  Vodka vainilla 1oz
  • Liquor banana 3/4 oz
  • Lime Juice 1/2 oz
  • Granadina Syrup 1/2oz

Fill a highball glass with orange juice and garnish it with romero, dried orange and a maraschino cherry.

So what sets Apotek apart from other bars in Aruba? According to Ramiro, Apotek is the only true speakeasy on the One happy island, but more importantly, you will not just find the traditional well-known cocktails on the menu. Each cocktail prepared here has a story behind it. You are essentially drinking a unique experience where, as he puts it “the bartender ensures each sip puts a smile on someone’s face and provides them with an unforgettable night. The bartenders truly deliver their best work with each cocktail.”

So what if you want to bring some of that cocktail magic home? “My easy to follow tips when it comes to cocktail making, which I learned a long time ago, is to focus on three flavours. Strong, sweet & sour. In the end, we don’t all have the same taste or rather the same palate. The strength is the base to determine your own preference. So if you like your cocktail really sweet, add more syrup, if you like a more balanced cocktail, balance it out with juices and top it up with a fresh lime or lemon wedge, or a piece of passion fruit, to give it a bit more acidity. As you continue to experiment, you can also add other types of ‘acidity’ to find your perfect flavour. Also, just use your own imagination and try and discover what suits your palate best.”

Ramiro does not have a specific favourite cocktail ingredient, as he is introduced to new flavours all te time, but he is partial to Ancho Reyes, a spicy Mexican liqueur, which according to him, is best drank after it’s been left to dry for 15 days in the sun as it will then gain a sweet smokey flavour. This ingredient is rarely missing in Ramiro’s cocktails.

Interested in sampling some of Apotek’s authentic and creative cocktails and meeting Ramiro at the same time? Apotek is open every night from 6pm – midnight, except on Sunday and Monday.  

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