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Graffmapping works as a new audiovisual language that fuses videomapping and the passion for graffiti. New technologies gives the possibility to take these two languages beyond the predetermined space spectrum and use them to interact with all the elements that define the modern city.

Richard Santana born in Gran Canaria knows all about the beauty and rareness of life on an island, colors, birds, endangered species, harmony.

This incredible artist chooses the biggest building of them all, Aruba’s Art & Crafts heaven Cosecha.

Inspired by the flamingo’s at the Renaissance Island he merges several elements of color and combines it with mapping, coming alive during the Aruba Art Fair with its own music.The youth of San Nicolas enjoyed this artist that gave them workshops on a daily basis.
Dame is looking over her city of Arts.

Yoga, Spa Treatments, and Art: Aruba’s Aloe Wellness Month is off to Good Start

June 2018 is the 3rd annual Aloe Wellness Month in Aruba!

Travellers from around the globe are coming to the One happy island to lift their spirits and prepare themselves for the rest of the year. Of course Aruba is the perfect place for this. The weather in Aruba alone is enough to put you in a good mood. Minimal rain, vitamin D in the form of sunshine and cooling trade winds that blow year-round. But wait… There’s more!

A selection of hotels on island will be offering custom-made packages with wellness-related activities focused on health, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Restaurants are ready to prepare nourishing dishes and host fun, interactive cooking classes and demos with a focus on healthy eating. 

Woman doing yoga at the dunes in Aruba.

Click here to download the Aloe Wellness Month Booklet.

Fitness classes, yoga sessions, and nature-centric activities like kayaking, SUP, and hiking will also be promoted. Naturally, Aruba’ spas are participating too, incorporating the healing wonders of Aruba Aloe into various treatments.

Visit this page for more information about our Aloe Wellness Month.


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