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Aruba, One Happy Island

When you touch Aruba it touches you back. The island returns your love with warmth and kindness, natural treasures and surprises.

One Happy Island

To us, our island is our life. Its vibrant palette of brilliant azure seas, deep green aloe plants and rich orange earth has sustained our people and visitors for centuries.

This is why we protect and preserve the flora and fauna, treasure the reefs and sea life that surrounds us and value the rich history that defines us. It’s also why we’re so proud and honoured to share it all with you. With open arms, we invite you to embrace our happy island, just as we have.

Aruba's Most Colourful Celebration

Aruba's Carnival is the biggest party of the year – a month-long celebration with spectacular processions.…

Aruba is the best Caribbean island to visit because of our excellent accommodation, including top-rated hotels, incredible resorts and luxurious holiday rentals, but we’re also home to some of the most fun and exciting things to do. Are you looking to soak up the sun on one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful beaches, take an adventurous jeep tour along a rugged coastline, or practise exciting water sports such as scuba diving, snorkelling or kitesurfing? We’ve got all that and more right here on the One happy island!

Featured One Happy Island Activities

Eating and Drinking

The Beach Bar

Eating and Drinking

Passions on the Beach


Arikok National Park