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View of the town hall in Oranjestad.

Oranjestad, Aruba

Oranjestad is a unique blend of old and new that lends a distinctive charm to Aruba’s capital.

View of the town hall in Oranjestad.


A bustling harbour city, Oranjestad’s streets and shopping centres are dotted with international luxury retailers, diverse boutiques and dazzling jewellers. Fascinating restored landmark buildings are found along the way, such as the green “stadhuis” housing and the City Hall where civil marriages are performed.

Aerial shot of Oranjestad at day time.

A scenic linear park lines the coast from Oranjestad to the airport. A new state-of-the-art tram begins at the cruise terminal, meandering through town, all along the sparkling new landscaped Main Street. Oranjestad is also a jumping nightlife mecca, filled with restaurants, cafés, clubs, lounges, bars and casinos.

Lineair Park Trail in Aruba

Things to do in Oranjestad, Aruba

Fort Zoutman, Aruba’s oldest building dating back to 1798, was built to protect the city from pirates. The Willem III Tower was built in 1868, once a lighthouse and public clock tower. The Historical Museum located between the two buildings houses a permanent exhibition outlining the main events in Aruban history and changing themed exhibitions. Stay in town for the Bon Bini Festival on Tuesdays at 6:30 pm in the outdoor courtyard. Enjoy the island’s history, traditionally-costumed folkloric dancers, local music, culinary specialities and local art.

The Fort Zoutman/Willem 3 Tower is a military fortification at Oranjestad, Aruba. Built in 1798 by the Dutch army, it is the oldest structure on the island of Aruba

The historic Ecury family home in Oranjestad has been transformed to house the Archaeological Museum, an impressive modern museum that strikingly presents Aruba’s Amerindian cultural heritage and archaeological finds.

Inspiring monuments honouring political leaders Jan Hendrik Albert (Henny) Eman, Cornelis Albert (Shon A. Eman and Betico Croes) are found near the Parliament building. The statue of Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands stands in a park carrying her name. World War II heroes Boy Ecury and the National Guard and volunteers are also honoured.

Oranjestad Aruba

The Cas di Cultura is Aruba’s national theatre, where local and international artists perform throughout the year.

The Aruban economy was once dependent upon aloe. The Aloe Museum and Factory, located at the Hato Plantation outside of town that dates back to 1890, tells the fascinating story.

Discover Oranjestad

Getting around Oranjestad has never been easier or more fun, with the addition of a state-of-the-art tram, inaugurated in 2012. Connecting the cruise ship terminal with the town centre, the tram passes through the Main Street, now completely remodelled and an attractive pedestrian precinct. The tram makes six stops at monuments and museums along the way, as well as at key shopping areas. In 2015 Oranjestad welcomed the new cultural/historical project Paardenbaai Aruba, which features eight blue horses that are strategically placed in different locations around the town centre.

Join Aruba's Most Colourful Celebration

Aruba 63rd carnival parade celebration

The Aruba Lighting Parade is one of Aruba's favourite carnival parades, held in downtown Oranjestad.

Our capital of Oranjestad Aruba holds historical evidence of our resilient past and is developing rapidly towards a prosperous future.

There are so many things to do in Oranjestad, from cultural activities to shopping and dining. Feel free to explore the city centre by tram to get to know the shopping areas.

You will find some great Oranjestad restaurants near the tram lines, too. If you’re staying at one of the Oranjestad Resorts, you are in a perfect location to enjoy everything Aruba has to offer.

From beautiful beaches to exciting cuisine and fun activities for the entire family! Staying at one of the Oranjestad hotels or holiday rentals is a great idea!

Things to do in Oranjestad

Mural and industry museum in San Nicolas

Discover San Nicolas, Aruba

San Nicolas offers iconic beaches and island charm far removed from the glitz and glam of the Palm Beach resorts.

Colorful sunset.

Discover the region of Noord Aruba

There is perhaps no district on the island with a better symphonic mix of all things Aruba than Noord.

Santa Cruz District

Santa Cruz, Aruba

One of Aruba’s trunk roads, Route 4, runs through the centrally located district of Santa Cruz.

View of the Hooiberg from Casibari Rock Formations in Aruba

Paradera, Aruba

One of the smaller districts on the island is Paradera, home to three of Aruba’s iconic landscapes.

Mangroves at Mangel Halto in Savaneta Aruba

Stay in the region Savaneta, Aruba

The Village by the Sea

Mural of peacock in San Nicolas

Art in Aruba

Aruba’s culture comes alive in the spirited rhythms, art and dance that fill our streets, homes, galleries and hearts.

Local artist and photographer
Local Aruban Artists
Aruba Music - Caribbean tunes
Sunshine ray from the inside of the Quadirikiri Cave
Natural Wonders of Aruba
Nightlife in Aruba

Featured Activities

Sideview of the Fort Zoutman tower in Aruba


Fort Zoutman Historical Museum

Tour guide combining history with pure entertainment to hold the attention and interest of his audience.


Aruba Walking Tours

Front view during the day of The Paddock in Aruba.

Eating and Drinking

The Paddock


Eagle Beach, Aruba

Shots of The Lazy Lizard stores located at Alhambra Mall and South Beach


The Lazy Lizard

We’re just getting started with the amazing effects Aruba has to offer. Dig into your trip details below to unlock a Caribbean experience that will leave you sunnier, happier, and (of course) a little more tanned.

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