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Aerial Shot of a Cruise ship in Aruba's Terminal.

Cruise Information

Indulge in luxury shopping, try local cuisine, relax on pristine beaches; your cruise holiday is at its best in Aruba.

Caribbean Cruises

Aruba is honoured that the world’s most prestigious and respected cruise lines choose our island as a port-of-call in the Caribbean. Some of these cruise lines visit our port all year round, while others choose Aruba as a port-of-call during selected seasons.

The Port of Aruba is conveniently located in Oranjestad, within walking distance of restaurants and shops. Here, right outside the Aruba Cruise Terminal, you can join a shore excursion around our happy island and get a taste of the local Aruban atmosphere.

During a cruise you really can get to see and experience the ‘real’ side of the destinations you visit along the way. Here in Aruba, shop owners, tour guides, local experts and other island specialists do their utmost to provide you with a most enjoyable time and an authentic Aruban experience.


Aerial shot of Boca Grandi.

Marvel at the spectacular jumps and loops of local kite surfers at Boca Grandi, on a long stretch of white sands.

To get the most out of your cruise to Aruba, make sure to explore the different options in advance.

Would you like to experience the authentic town of Oranjestad and take in some of its colourful architecture, unique cultural blends and history during your cruise to Aruba? Then a walking tour with a local expert would be a great option. In the mood for some adventure during your cruise to Aruba? Try any of the Aruban jeep safari tours and excursions on offer. Want to relax on our award-winning, white-sand beaches? Just walk about fifteen minutes to the Surfside Beach, or hop in a taxi for a short ride to any of the other nearby beaches in Aruba.

There is free WiFi just outside the Aruba Cruise Port, so you can easily get in touch with home. The U.S. dollar is accepted everywhere. There is a bus terminal right opposite the cruise port, as are bike rentals and a free tram to explore the town. Taxis can be found in front of the cruise port, along with touring cars and other means of transportation which may require reservation.

Cruise visitors will find a wealth of shops, bars, restaurants, casinos and shopping centres, all within walking distance of the cruise port.

Aruba tip: for a local experience, stop off at the Renaissance Marina, the harbour in town, where local fishermen bring their fresh catch ashore around mid-day. Enjoy!

Don't forget to check the Aruba cruise ship schedule for arrival and departure times!

Mural of peacock in San Nicolas

Art in Aruba

Aruba’s culture comes alive in the spirited rhythms, art and dance that fill our streets, homes, galleries and hearts.

Downtown Oranjestad. Daniel Leo Square was the location of the commander's house - the residence of predecessors to the administrators and governors of the island, built in the first quarter of the 19th century
Shopping in Aruba
Rodgers Beach in Aruba.
Beaches & Coves

Discover Aruba


Rodger’s Beach


Arashi Beach, Aruba

Aerial shot of Palm Beach.


Palm Beach

We’re just getting started with the amazing effects Aruba has to offer. Dig into your trip details below to unlock a Caribbean experience that will leave you sunnier, happier, and (of course) a little more tanned.

Discover the Aruba Effect