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Cactus landscape with the chapel Alto View in background

Things you should know about Aruba Code of Conduct

These are some of our local rules and regulations that we kindly request that you respect. Help us protect our One happy island.

Dress code

  • Nudity and topless sunbathing are not allowed
  • Wear proper attire in public spaces (i.e. supermarkets, petrol stations, hotel lobbies etc)


  • Park in designated areas and not on sidewalks.
  • Oranjestad has paid parking, please park in white-marked spaces; yellow-marked spaces are for permit holders only.
  • Always lock your car and do not leave valuables behind.

Beaches & Dunes

  • Driving or parking on beaches and dunes is prohibited.
  • Please dispose of your trash properly.
  • Do not bbq or start a fire on our beaches and dunes.
  • Avoid use of disposable plastic products on the beach.

Life Under Water

  • Do not feed any marine life including fish and turtles.
  • Do not pick up starfish for selfies, they can only breathe under water.
  • Use coral friendly sunblock as much as possible in order to protect our marine life.

One Happy Behavior

  • Be kind and respectful to others.
  • We make an effort to speak four languages to communicate with our visitors.
  • Learn a few words in Papiamento, it is fun.
  • Please be patient and embrace being on ‘island-time’.


  • Single use plastic bags are banned on Aruba, use reusable bags.
  • Respect and protect Aruba’s flora and fauna.
  • Please dispose of your trash properly.


  • Always stop at a red light and no right on red.
  • You have the right of way when on a roundabout.
  • Use marked pedestrian crossings to cross the street.
  • Be respectful of cyclists.


  • Respect their space, do not chase them.
  • Do not feed iguanas, especially no meat or human food.

North Coast

  • Our rugged North coastline is not a natural racetrack.
  • Please do not speed. Stay on main dirt roads.
  • Driving on sand dunes and beaches is prohibited.
  • ‘Wishing’ rock stacking is not an Aruban tradition and harmful to the environment and animals.


  • The two Fofoti trees on Eagle Beach are landmarks, do not hang hammocks or belongings in them.
  • Respect church areas and all services taking place here.
  • No graffiti or carving.



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