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10 Reasons Why Aruba is the Best Caribbean Island Holiday Destination

We all know Aruba is beautiful, and a trip to Aruba is a guaranteed good time, but what makes Aruba the best Caribbean island to visit?

Arguably, a good time can be had anywhere in the Caribbean, but there are 10 reasons why Aruba stands out from the crowd!

1. The Aruban People

One of the main reasons why people are drawn to this small Southern Caribbean island is the people. The Aruban people are known for having a natural sense of hospitality instilled in them. Expect a friendly “bon dia” (good morning), when you encounter a local on your morning jog. And while you’re at it, don’t be afraid to ask for directions, or advice, because you’ll quickly find someone that is willing to help you out.

The Aruban community is very diverse. Many Arubans are generally of mixed ancestry, claiming Caquetio Indian, African and European roots, but it doesn’t end there. A vast number of Arubans originate from South America, other Caribbean islands, China, the Philippines, and about seventeen African nations! Not only does this guarantee that you will find a friend that speaks your language, but it also makes for a very tolerant and accepting culture.

Local SUP instructor

2. The Great Weather

It is no secret that many people travel to Aruba to escape the cold rainy days they have back home. The island is known to have great weather, but did you know Aruba has the most sunny days of any island in the entire Caribbean? Visiting Aruba is your best bet for ensuring great weather during your Caribbean holiday. But we don’t just get more sunny days, we get more comfortable and better weather as well. Here in Aruba, we’ve been blessed with the perfect combination of the radiant sun and the famous trade winds, which help keep you feeling cool year-round.

3. Our Top-Rated Beaches

Aruba’s pristine white sand beaches are some of the most beautiful beaches not just in the Caribbean, but in the entire world. Whether you’re in the mood to lie out and soak up the sun on the world-renown Eagle Beach, or if you’re a thrill seeker wanting to ride the crystal waves at Andicuri or Dos Playa, Aruba has a beach that will appeal to everyone.

Aerial shot of Palm Beach.

4. Safety

When deciding on the location for your next Caribbean holiday, safety should definitely be used as an important deciding factor. Aruba is considered one of the safest islands in the entire Caribbean. In terms of personal safety, the local community is accepting of visitors from all over the world, making our locals far more hospitable than those of some other destinations. And on macro safety, Aruba lays south of the hurricane belt, so our chances of getting hit by one are slim to none. With Covid-19 still affecting our world, all visitors to Aruba are asked to upload a negative PCR test prior to arrival or undergo testing at the airport along with purchasing the mandatory Aruba COVID-19 insurance. 

5. Our Rich Culture

Many fans of Aruba are unaware of the rich cultural presence here on island. Art and heritage are integral parts of what shaped Aruba into the wonderful destination it is today. A big part of the cultural development here in Aruba is through its local art. The best way to explore art on the island is visiting events such as: Korteweg, the Cadushi Festival, and the Aruba Art Fair.

Visit Aruba in January for the largest cultural event of the year, Aruba Carnival. This event dates all the way back to 1954 when parades where a lot smaller, but just as much fun as they are today, more than 62 years later. Other can’t-miss cultural happenings are: the Dande Festival, and the weekly Bon Bini Festival.

If you are in Aruba during the month of March, be sure to celebrate our National Anthem and Flag Day with us on 18 March. The events held on this day, really give visitors an insight of the local customs and delicious local cuisine!

Cubrimiento de los del files de la edición 66 del Carnaval de Aruba.

6. The Wide Variety of Accommodation

There is a home away from home available for every type of traveller! Aruba boasts a wide variety of hotels and resorts, apartments and condos, private homes and villas, and timeshares. Whether you are a loyal timeshare owner, or you like to visit a different place to stay every time, Aruba has the perfect accommodation for you.

7. Fun & Adventure

You will never have to worry about having nothing to do during your Aruban holiday (unless doing nothing is what you came here for!) There are fun activities for visitors of all ages. Explore Aruban fauna at The Butterfly Farm, and Philip’s Animal Garden. Make a splash at the many watersports centres along the beaches. Discover the Arikok National Park to see a side of Aruba you have never encountered before. The fun truly doesn’t end. Who expected there to be so much to do on such a small island?

8. The Food

As previously mentioned, the Aruban community is a very culturally diverse group of people. One of the benefits of this is that we have a variety of restaurants serving food from all over the world. Caribbean, Colombian, Dutch, Italian. You name it, chances are, we serve it! The local food trucks are definitely worth a try, for some real local “fast-food”. For those wanting a healthier meal, many of the restaurants now offer vegan food and the café culture is one not to be missed.

9. A Lovers Paradise 

With surreal seascapes, magnificent sunsets, starry nights, wonderful beaches, welcoming people and world-class hospitality, there are many reasons why Aruba is the perfect wedding or honeymoon destination. And if you are concerned about COVID-19 effecting your plans, then look no further as Aruba has introduced the ‘Happily  Ever After Guarantee’ a postponable, destination booking policy for couples dreaming of booking a 2021 wedding or honeymoon, but are worried about COVID-19 affecting future travel. 

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10. Family Friendly 

Only on does the entire island open up for your exploration, offering a holiday fit for the whole family. invites you to choose from among its extensive family-friendly activities. And with the One Happy Family programme in place for the little ones and the majority of hotels offering a kids club, its time for the kids to have fun and the parents to relax!


So why not book your trip today to the “One Happy Island”





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