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Cubrimiento de los del files de la edición 66 del Carnaval de Aruba.

Aruba Stories - stories and faces from the One Happy Island

Aruba and its people have a lot of exciting stories to tell, which visitors can discover on special tours.

Erik Bisslik, Zeerovers 

Erik "Iky" Bisslik is a true Aruban local with a colourful personality.  He opened Zeerovers in Savaneta, a fishing village in the south of the island, more than 30 years ago. The bar has long become one of the locals' favourite hotspots. 

If you like fresh fish, you will love Zeerovers - straight from the sea to your plate. Add some pan bati, grilled shrimp, tasty sauces, an ice-cold "chill" - and the perfect lunch is ready. There is the additional panoramic view of the Caribbean sea at no extra charge.

What many fans of Zeerover do not know, is that “Iky” is the only person who has managed to swim from Venezuela to Aruba - a distance of no less than 25 kilometres. He likes to share these and many other adventurous anecdotes with his guests, who linger well into the afternoon.

More information about the Zeerover can be found here .

Robert Solognier, Street Artist

Over the past five years, Aruba has quietly blossomed into the street art mecca of the Caribbean. It all started with the first Aruba Art Fair in September 2016 in San Nicolas in the south of the island. Artists from all over the world travelled to the One Happy Island to decorate the walls of the “Sunrise City” with colourful works of art. New “graffiti” is added annually, and a street art tour has become an integral part of a holiday to Aruba. 

One of the most famous artists on the island is Robert Solognier, who is also nicknamed ICE. He is inspired by the nature of the island, especially the sea and brings the colourful creatures of the ocean to the facades of San Nicolas.

More information about the Murals and Walking Tours can be found here . The Aruba Art Fair 2020 will take place from September 25 to 27, more info here .

Byron Boekhoudt, Aruba Reef Care Project

Marine biologist Byron was also born in Aruba. From an early age, he got to know and love the fascinating underwater world off Aruba's coast on snorkelling tours with his father. 

To protect the beauty, he launched the Aruba Reef Care Project in 1994 and once a year, around 800 locals and guests come together to free the island's popular beaches and snorkelling areas from waste.

Thanks to initiatives like this, Aruba can live up to its reputation as a top diving spot. Not only are the shimmering coral reefs special, but above all the numerous sunken wrecks that lie off the coast of the island.

In 2020, Aruba Reef Care will take place on Sunday, October 4, 2020. More information about this here .

Aruba Reef Care Amsterdam Manor MVC Eagle Beach

Frank Kelly, Forager

Frank Kelly, or Taki, as he calls himself, is a hunter or forager who feeds on what he finds outside. Luckily, Aruba's nature provides a varied menu and can even offer culinary highlights such as edible algae or frangipani. Taki learned from his grandmother what you can eat and what tastes good. He is happy to take guests on his hikes to the most unspoilt places on the island, giving them an exciting insight into Aruba's flora and create delicious dishes and cocktails from his treasured finds. More information about Taki and his tours can be found here .

Local forager




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