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Tips to travel sustainably

Tips to travel sustainably.

Aruba is known for their white sand beaches, crystal clear Caribbean sea, and diverse nature. To enjoy these natural wonders now and in the far future, it’s important we take good care of our planet. You can do your part too when visiting the One Happy Island! As a tourist, you can choose for a more sustainable travel. Do you want to know what sustainable travel is and get tips for eco travels? Well, scroll down!

What is sustainable travel?

Chances are you might be a little skeptical about sustainable travels, since travel in general is not beneficial for the climate. For those who still want to see the world, there are ways to reduce your carbon footprint a little. That’s where international sustainable travel comes in! Sustainable travel, eco travel or eco friendly travel could be described as a way of traveling that has a positive impact on the environment, economy, and the local community. Sustainable travel has different kinds of shapes, which means you can implement eco travel into different parts of your trip. A more sustainable way of travel can start by picking your next destination and can end by the souvenirs you take home. So, what can you do to travel eco-friendly? I’ve got some sustainable travel tips for you!


Tips for more sustainable travels

Sustainable travels are for people who want to see the world and make more conscious choices while doing so. There are many possibilities to travel in a more sustainable way. Here are some sustainable travel tips to give you some inspiration:

  • Choose an eco-friendly accommodation

A pool, family rooms or an accommodation right at the beach: your perfect place to stay can have a lot of criteria. Maybe you can put eco-friendly on the checklist too, since lodging is definitely part of eco travel. By choosing an eco-friendly accommodation, you support initiatives to be less harmful for the environment. This doesn’t mean you have to settle for less luxury. You can definitely enjoy a true holiday experience while traveling sustainably.

  • Getting around Aruba more sustainable

You can also travel more sustainably when you’re already on the island of Aruba. Renting a car is a comfortable way to get around Aruba, but public transportation is a more eco-friendly way of traveling. The public Arubus bus system is the preferred method of transportation for many visitors. It’s easy, very affordable, and a more conscious choice for the climate. Speaking of less harmful ways to travel, you can also find bike rental companies on Aruba. For small distances, a bike can be the ideal transportation. This is even a more eco-friendly option!

Kite Surf instructor at Armando's Kite Shack
  • Travel sustainable when it comes to activities

Next to lodging and transportation, you can implement eco-friendly travel also on activities during your holiday. If you want to practice some water sports for example on the One Happy Island, you can explore a lot of options. Cruising on the water with a jetski can be fun, but there are greener alternatives than motorized water sports. With kitesurfing and windsurfing, you only need the power of the wind to surf over the blue waters of the Caribbean sea. This is an easy way to limit your carbon footprint.

  • Support local Aruban people

Speaking of things to do: on the island of Aruba, you can do a lot of tours and sightseeing. From hiking to enjoying the diverse nature: the possibilities are endless. Once you pick your favorite activity, make sure you book the tour by a local guide. This way, you support locals financially and ensure your money is injected back into the local economy.

Photoshoot done for the Wellness Magazine 2020 - Wellnecesities. Location: One Happy Bowl
  • Make a change in the little things

Traveling sustainable doesn’t necessarily mean you have to change all your holiday plans overnight. Every little bit helps, so you can easily take your first steps into a more eco-friendly way of traveling. What about using your towell more time before throwing it in with the dirty laundry? You can also choose to eat vegetarian sometime during your trip. The Aruban cuisine offers a lot of dining options for everyone, including vegetarians and vegans.

Why travel eco-friendly is a good idea

There is not just one definition of eco-friendly travels. This means that you can decide for yourself what your eco-friendly travels will look like. Maybe you can make changes in your destination, transportation, or accommodation. By choosing eco travel and following some of the sustainable travel tips above, you can make a small difference for the climate. People who love to discover the world, also have the responsibility to respect and protect her. That’s why sustainable travel is becoming more and more important. Will you give it a try on your next trip?

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