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Two booth attendants at the information booth in Oranjestad.

Aruba's Happy Information Officers

Make the Happy Information Officers your first stop for information when roaming around Aruba.

Aerial shot of Oranjestad at day time.

The Happy Information Officers are a one-stop shop of information, staffed by friendly, professional and trained officers with extensive local knowledge. They can provide you with reliable information on attractions, activities and events, help you with any questions you may have or give you up-to-the-minute advice for your holiday in Aruba.

To ensure your access to them, the Happy Information Officers are mobile and can be found in numerous areas across the island, including the town centre, the Cruise terminal and the Palm beach area. You can recognise them by their sea green t-shirts featuring the happy information slogan.

In addition, we also offer an Aruba tourism kiosk located at Plaza Daniel Leo by the Renaissance entrance on the main street. Here you will also find a Happy Information Officer ready to help.

Wherever you go, look out for the Happy Information Officers to help you get the most out of your stay in Aruba.

Please meet some of Aruba’s HIO:

Q Maduro

Hi! My name is Quirinuis Maduro. Raised in Aruba and currently a student at the University of Aruba. Like most Arubans, I speak four languages fluently: English, Spanish, Dutch and Papiamento. I am very well acquainted with our One happy island and well equipped to answer any question that you might have about our island. Keep an eye out as you might be greeted by me when you arrive by cruise or find me walking around the Oranjestad area. Please do visit our information booth located at the Plaza Daniel Leo.

Jordy Lugo

Hello! My name is Jordy Lugo. I'm currently studying law at the University of Aruba and also happy to be an Information Officer! My goal is to help people in any way possible, so if you need any information about Aruba or directions, I’m your man. Being able to provide tourists with the right information and being rewarded with a smile is the best part of my job. So don't hesitate to ask!

Roselyn Malavez

Hello there! My name is Roselyn Malavez and I'm one of Aruba's Happy Information Officers. I'm currently studying Hospitality and Tourism Management at the Colegio EPI. I was born and raised on this beautiful island I call home, so I'll make sure to provide you with all the information you need!

Dylan Farro

Hey! My name is Dylan Farro. As a Happy Information Officer and I enjoy meeting new people and finding different ways to help them have a great Aruban experience. Currently studying Finance, Accounting and Marketing at the University of Aruba. If your trip is coming to an end, please don’t hesitate to drop by at our information booth, I will kindly help you start planning your next holiday back to our One Happy Island!

Sholaine Orman

Hello my name is Sholaine Orman, I'm currently a student at the EPI. I'm also a Happy Information Officer and always ready to inform you and help you out so you can enjoy your stay in Aruba. You can find me in the cruise area or at the information booth near Caya Betico Croes. Don't hesitate to ask me anything if you see me.

Local artist and photographer

Local Aruban Artists

We have a culturally rich, diverse population; the artistic payoff is one of the Caribbean's most vibrant art scenes.

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Rodgers Beach in Aruba.
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Sunshine ray from the inside of the Quadirikiri Cave
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Food presentation at Papiamento Restaurant.
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