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Taxis and Limousines in Aruba

Kick back and relax by letting someone else take the wheel. Taxis are conveniently accessible to our visitors.

Taxis in Aruba do not have meters; rates are fixed and should be checked in advance. All rates must be in Aruban florins (Afl.) as well as in US dollars (US$); Exchange rate Afl. 1.80 to US$ 1.00 (Afl. 2.51 to GBP 1.00).

The minimum fare is Afl. 10.00/US$ 6.00 (GBP 4.00). Prices are based on distance with a maximum capacity of five passengers. Minors under the age of two (2) do not count. On Sundays, official holidays and regular days starting from 11:00 pm till 7:00 am there will be a surcharge of Afl. 5,40/US$ 3.00 (GBP 2.15).

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Taxis and Limousines in Aruba

Explore Aruba

Motorbikes and Scooters

For a fun, liberating way to navigate the island, hop on a scooter or chopper and hit the open road!

Public Transport

Allow us to take the wheel! Our public transport is safe, timely, reliable and a convenient alternative.

Car and Jeep Rental in Aruba

Explore our safe and welcoming island at your leisure by renting a car or four-wheel drive vehicle.

Getting Around Aruba

From our lively capital to quiet seaside towns, pristine beaches to rugged desert, it’s easy to get around in Aruba.

Bike Rental

Peddle your cares away with an exhilarating bike ride adventure on Aruba.

Getting around the One happy island of Aruba is extremely easy! Our 19 mile long Caribbean island has excellent taxi services to take you wherever you need to go. If you are feeling fancy, Aruban limousine services are even available!

Rather than basing rates on meters or mileage, taxi services in Aruba base their rates on the destination. This makes hired transport simpler, easier and fairer for tourists. Do note that Aruba taxi fares are charged per taxi and that rates allow up to 5 passengers. The driver will inform you of the rate to your destination before you leave, so there won’t be any surprises!

If you want to travel in a little more style, no problem: limousine services in Aruba offer a decidedly first-class experience. Choose from the classical Chrysler 300 to the stylish stretched Hummer limo. You can even organise a sightseeing tour of the island by stretch limo with one Aruba's limousine services!

No matter how you choose to travel, the taxi and limousine services in Aruba will ensure you arrive quickly, so you can maximise the amount of time you spend enjoying your holiday.

A more extravagant and luxurious way to be transported on our Caribbean island is by limousine. You can choose from the classic Chrysler 300 to the contemporary stretched Hummer limo.