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10 Reasons why Aruba is the Best Easter Holidays Destination for Families!

For the best family-friendly Easter holidays destination, here are 10 important reasons why Aruba should top your list.

The Easter holidays are just around the corner, and for many people that means it’s time to scratch the travel-itch. Airlines and resorts usually offer better rates around March than December, so Spring is definitely the perfect time to go all-out with a big family holiday! Not that you need an excuse to create memories that last a lifetime or that you need to be convinced that it’s a good idea to bond by doing fun, exciting and adventurous things together, but as you start to shop around for the best family-friendly Easter holidays destination for 2017, there are 10 important reasons why Aruba should top your list.


10 Reasons why Aruba is the Best Easter Holidays Destination for Families:


1. The Weather is Perfect, All-Year-Round!

Located outside the hurricane belt, home to the sunniest days in the entire Caribbean, blessed by cooling trade winds, and a constant 28°C temperature, Aruba boasts great weather year-round. Want to enjoy a guaranteed sunshine-filled Easter holiday for you and your family? Pack your bags, but don’t forget to bring your SPF sunscreen!


2. It’s Safe

Local Men Relaxing_0

Parents must be happy to read that Aruba is one of the safest Caribbean islands, as stated by the United Nations. With one of the highest GDP per capita in the region, Aruba has low unemployment rates, allowing for prosperity and contentment among Arubans, which results in the low crime rate.


3. The Caribbean’s Best Beaches

fofoti Aruba

Picture long and vast stretches of pristine white sand, bordered by the tranquil turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea on one side, and rows of beautiful palm trees or the iconic Fofoti trees on the other. That, my friend, is an Aruba beach, and a destination just perfect for families who want to spend a relaxing day in the sun, or who enjoy going snorkeling or partaking in any other kind of watersports. Our beaches are not overrun by students looking to party during spring, so you won’t feel crowded or annoyed. Most beaches are easily accessible by rental car, offer free parking and feature (casual) beach bars and restaurants that offer great food and drinks.

Here are our recommendations for Aruba's best beaches for families:

  1. Eagle Beach (Aruba’s award-winning beach)
  2. Palm Beach (lots of activity and water sports)
  3. Boca Catalina (snorkelling)
  4. Baby Beach (for babies, it’s wonderful)
  5. Mangel Halto (also great for snorkelling)
  6. Arashi Beach (a local favourite on Sundays)
  7. Palm Island (a private island with tons of fun activities for kids, e.g. waterpark, banana boats, zip-lining)


4. Excellent Accommodation

Palm Beach View 4

Aruba offers a vast array of accommodation, ranging from (luxurious) beach front hotels, to comfortable full-fledged time share resorts. Whether you’re looking to stay in a cosy Airbnb villa rentals in the Aruban countryside, or an extremely convenient all-inclusive resort; all our accommodation opportunities are perfect for hosting large groups of people during your family’s Easter holiday. The island really has the proper accommodation for every kind of traveller’s budget as well, with a large range between nice, yet affordable digs, all the way up to luxurious, high-end experiences.


5. Direct Flights

Airplane flying into Aruba

Airplane flying into Aruba

There is no greater horror than travelling with your kids on an airplane, and long flights with lots of layovers are a sure way for even the most energetic parent to opt for another destination where direct flights are possible. Luckily, Aruba has a state-of-the-art airport and offers direct flights from most US and Canada gateways. Airlines that fly directly to Aruba include: American Airlines, Air Canada, Delta Airways, Jet Blue, United Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Sunwing Airlines and WestJet.

Think about it, Aruba is just a 4.5-hour flight away from New York and only a 2.5-hour flight away from Miami, which means that you could start your Easter holiday PRONTO!


6. Fun & Exciting

Things to Do Don’t think for a second that an Easter holiday in Aruba means that you are bound to an all-inclusive property! The island is safe to explore by car and is the perfect size (69 square miles) for you to see something new every day, while still gaining a sense of familiarity.

Some top attractions for families are: the Arikok National Park, the largest national park in the Caribbean covering approximately 20% of Aruba and featuring the Natural Pool and Beautiful Caves filled with prehistoric Indian drawings, the Butterfly Farm, a beautiful botanical garden where all kinds of butterflies fly freely, the Donkey Sactuary, where friendly donkeys are taken care of by volunteers, and the Philip's Animal Garden, Aruba’s zoo of rescued animals.

To learn something more about Aruba’s history or culture, take your family to the Fort Zoutman museum, or the Archeological museum, both in downtown Oranjestad. Every Tuesday at 6pm Fort Zoutman also hosts the Bon Bini festival, a folkloric festival highlighting Aruba’s culture and cuisine.


7. The One Happy Family Package

Brothers Body Boarding at Palm Beach(1)

Need another reason to choose Aruba for your next family holiday? Our One happy island offers the “One Happy Family” Aruba holiday package, which offers FREE accommodation for kids (12 years and under), FREE daily breakfast for kids at participating hotel restaurants, a FREE family gift presented at check-in, a FREE VIK (Very Important Kid) cocktail offered during check-in, and the FREE Very Important Kid (VIK) Passport, which includes fun quizzes and puzzles, plus entry to a raffle where the grand prize is a FREE Aruba week-long vacation for 4, including airfare!


8. Aruba offers Wellness for Everyone

Aruban People_ Happy Smiling Girl at PR Summit 2011

With a social government ideal of the “welfare state” inherited from the Netherlands, Arubans and the government take care of our elders, the less fortunate and those that are challenged in life. With the people taken care off, there is enough joy to spread around, so Arubans are genuinely happy, accepting of others and embracing of diversity. Arubans are also some of the friendliest of people you will ever meet, and truly enjoy meeting tourists from all walks of life. Local Arubans are ready to lend a helping hand or show you the way to where you want to go! Read more about why Aruba is a wellness destination.


9. It’s a Small but Cosmopolitan Island

Aruba 60th Carnival Parade Celebration

Aruba 60th Carnival Parade Celebration

Visitors say that the most differentiating factor that sets Aruba aside from the rest of the Caribbean are the people of Aruba. The (over) 90+ different nationalities calling Aruba home, all live together in harmony.

Arubans in general are fluent in at least 4 languages: Papiamento (our native and official language) Dutch (our second official language), English and Spanish. Some speak French and Portuguese as well. The Aruban schooling system based on the Dutch schooling system, allows for Arubans to study abroad with a government-funded scholarship, which results in a community of well-rounded people with a metropolitan attitude.


10. Excellent Dining


Photo Credits: Pinchos Aruba

Our cultural diversity is also found in Aruba’s gastronomy, as over 250 restaurants cater to a wide variety of palates, ranging from the high-end fine dining restaurants to the local fisherman’s shacks at the beach, making Aruba a true melting pot for delectable Caribbean cuisine.


Book your Easter Holiday Getaway Today!

The Easter holidays are coming fast, so it would be a good idea to start researching on where you want to stay now; whether you’re looking for a beach-front resort, a private villa, an all-inclusive resort or a timeshare resort, you will get better rates the earlier you book.

The sooner you choose Aruba, the more time you’ll also have to scout all the various tours and activities that the One Happy Island offers, and the more time you’ll have to check out the best restaurants and make timely reservations.

The sooner you get this done, the sooner you can RELAX and enjoy your holiday time together with your family during your Easter holiday!

Bon Bini to our Aruba! (Welcome to Aruba)".



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