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Aruba is a gay friendly destination

Here on Aruba, we have become a destination of choice — often a repeat destination — for LGBT travellers.

A safe holiday destination for LGBT

Feeling safe, secure and welcome is the basis for an ideal LGBT-friendly holiday destination. Frequent Aruba visitor Michael Marsh, the president/CEO of Toledo Fair Housing Centre in Ohio, doesn’t necessarily seek out destinations with dedicated infrastructure for the LGBT community. “I’ve been travelling to Aruba for almost 20 years now — it’s the perfect destination for anyone who is looking for a relaxing getaway.” Michael credits the warm hospitality and the innate friendly nature of the locals with creating a welcoming environment for all travellers. “I don't recall ever encountering any kind of mistreatment or discrimination based on sexual orientation in all of my visits to the island,” he shares. Michael ponders that perhaps it’s partly because of the tolerant and open-minded nature that has evolved from the Dutch influence on the island that has set the tone for a nation that welcomes all walks of life.

“The most important highlight about Aruba is that it is welcoming to all people and offers something for all types of interests – beach and water sports, excursions to the most unspoilt areas of the island, a culture that embraces art and music, world class shopping and dining, gambling and night life.” Michael adds that, “Aruba offers world-class accommodation through stellar hospitality brands, as well as retail luxury brands available on the island, such as Cartier, Gucci and Louis Vuitton. The restaurants are also enticing — offering top-notch fine dining, trendy cafés and cool local eateries.”

Michael concludes, “Personally, I don't look for LGBT destinations in particular. I just like to visit places that have the types of things I enjoy, like good restaurants, five-star accommodation, beaches and shopping. Overall, though, it all comes back to the Aruban people — their warmth is matched only by the tropical sunshine!”

Turtle Nesting Season

Volunteers from Turtugaruba devote many hours watching over, protecting the nests and educating us during the season.

Aruba encourages everyone to create lifelong memories and the One happy island prides itself on welcoming all races, religions and diverse lifestyles.

Aruba is a great destination for LGBT holidays because of the Aruban people's cosmopolitan world view – which is somewhat unique among the Caribbean islands. This can be traced to the Dutch roots that are deep in Aruban culture. In fact, the Netherlands was the first country to legalise gay marriage, in 2001!

The Aruban people's progressive mindset makes it entirely safe for our LGBT guests to not only walk around Aruba hand-in-hand, but also to truly enjoy their well-earned holidays without any worries.

Many hotels in Aruba are Travel Alternative’s Group (TAG) approved as well, meaning that their staff are well-trained in accepting diversity and that these resorts even employ members of the LGBT community.

And Aruba's beach-front resorts truly do provide an environment that is unmatched by any other Caribbean island. Just as same-sex wedding ceremonies have gained popularity in Aruba, gay nightlife in Aruba is growing as well. In fact, gay bars and clubs can be found throughout the capital, Oranjestad.

What are you waiting for? Plan a holiday to Aruba and experience the warm vibes and cool trade winds of the One happy island for yourself!

Nightlife in Aruba

When the warm Aruban sun sets, the cool evening breezes carry the sounds of laughter, dancing and Caribbean rhythms.

Roulette wheel in Stellaris Casino in Aruba
Casinos in Aruba
Romantic cabana dinner on the beach at Elements Restaurant.
Top restaurants in Aruba
Food presentation at Papiamento Restaurant.
Local Aruban Cuisine
Mural of peacock in San Nicolas
Art in Aruba
Rodgers Beach in Aruba.

Beaches & Coves

Best Beaches Aruba


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Aerial shot of Baby Beach.


Baby Beach Aruba

Renaissance Island Aruba


Renaissance Island

California Lighthouse was named after steamship
California, which wrecked nearby on September 23, 1981 in Aruba.


Go see the California Lighthouse on Aruba

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