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Aruba's Money - Florin.
On the 4th of June 2019, the Central Bank of Aruba introduced a new series of florin banknotes. The new florin banknotes are a celebration of the life and beauty of Aruba and includes elements from the Island's rich culture, flora and fauna.

Tipping in Aruba

Learn everything you need to know about tipping a barman, taxi driver or bellboy with our Aruba tipping guide.

If you want to tip the friendly hardworking people of our island, know that it is not mandatory but it is very much appreciated. 

Have you experienced great service at the hotel bar or in a restaurant downtown? Tipping is a good way to show your appreciation. 

Tipping in Aruba is not mandatory. If you feel like leaving a tip, the amount is entirely up to you. 

Some restaurants and bars add a service charge to the bill of 10 to 15%. Check your receipt to find out if that’s the case at the restaurant where you are eating. You can always decide to leave out an additional tip or upgrade the percentage to 20% if you’ve had great service. 

At Aruba all-inclusive resorts, tipping is included. It is not uncommon for hotel guests to leave additional tips. If your bartender always has your drink waiting or the housekeeping does a great job keeping your room tidy and clean, you might want to reqard them. 

Rates in Aruba taxis are fixed. However, if the driver did a great job and handled your luggage carefully, you might feel like tipping and it will always be greatly appreciated. 

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