Fitness in Aruba

Grab your trainers and let’s go — Aruba has plenty of fitness options to keep you moving while you’re on holiday.

It’s a proven fact: exercise makes us happier. So in between lounging on the beach, add a bit of fitness to your Aruban holiday itinerary to get those happy hormones pumping.

Aruba is also host to a variety of annual national and international sporting events, and you’re invited to join the fun while getting a bit of exercise in.

Turtle Nesting Season

Volunteers from Turtugaruba devote many hours watching over, protecting the nests and educating us during the season.…

Fitness in Aruba

Featured Wellness


Our happy island is the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate mind, body and soul.

Spa's in Aruba

Choose from any number of incredible spa experiences in Aruba for a healthy dose of relaxing indulgence — you deserve it!

Health and beauty shops

Aruba has several chemist’s/pharmacies in the hotel district.

Yoga in Aruba

Pack your yoga mat for one happy yoga island! We have several yoga centres and many resorts offer beach yoga sessions.


Join us in protecting our beautiful island and promoting the welfare of our animals by volunteering while on holiday.

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