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Magic Mango Bread Balashi

Mar 09, 2021

A Synergy of Beer & Bread – Magic Mango Beer Bread

Inspired by International Women’s Day, Balashi Brewery recognizes the meeting place of Beer & Bread, with a partnership of Magic Mango & T2PAN.

Beer was part of the ancient Egyptian diet, more than 5,000 years ago. It was then made from baked barley bread, and was part of religious rituals. Two thousand years later, beer and the brewing process is found in Babylonia where brewing was a female profession practiced mostly in temples, by priestesses.

Barley is the key ingredient, in both Beer and Bread.

Magic Mango Bread Balashi

Through the month of March, T2PAN a home based micro bakery will be baking a special sourdough bread edition, adding the barley left over from the process of making Magic Mango to its famed artisanal recipe for extra flavor and punch, also using Magic Mango Beer instead of water in the mix, resulting in a unique, lingering tang.

Baker Zaida Everon, a biology teacher who abandoned her day time job in favor of baking was happy to collaborate with Brewmaster Marisol Heronimo, creator of Magic Mango Beer.

Magic Mango Bread Balashi

Marisol worked in the quality control lab of the Balashi brewery for eight years when she was offered the opportunity to become a brewmaster. She turned her back to her career in biochemistry, and headed to brewmaster school in Berlin.

She created Magic Mango for the Balashi Brewery, upon return, pre-covid19, and watched it become the fastest growing beer in Aruba, in 2020, with an even bigger surge in sales in 2021.

“It's true that when women support each other, incredibly magical things happen,” says Zaida, about their collaboration, adding, “this is especially true in life, in business, and in the passions we share: Beer Brewing & Bread Baking.”

Magic Mango Bread Balashi

Magic Mango Beer Bread is being baked every Saturday in March, and is already sold out the first week.

Both Zaida and Marisol put their microbiology, food science, fermentation, and chemistry backgrounds to work. They report that when the barley fermentation process is done, the spent grains mixed into the dough lend the bread a super tasty and hearty quality, rich in fiber and protein. The bread is also enhanced with organic whole wheat, freshly milled in the bakery.

The best part? When you order Magic Mango Beer Bread during the month of March, you will receive 2 FREE Magic Mango beers. Pre-order on for pick up on Saturdays.

Cheers to partners and fellow phenomenal women, Zaida Everon & Marisol Heronimo, who

bake real bread, and brew real beer, empowered by love energy, transmitted in every bite and every sip!

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