Tips for Visitors

The little things make an Aruban vacation so special, and smart local tips can make yours easy and unforgettable.

Vacation like an Aruban

From avoiding cell phone roaming charges by renting a phone or SIM card here, to quickly and easily paying for parking, there are plenty of simple, cost effective shortcuts to help you avoid hassles and make the most of your stay on our happy island.

We accept all major credit cards, travelers checks, and American dollars, so shopping, dining, and joining local guides on insider tours and adventures across the island is simple and stress free. Learn more tips to make your Aruba vacation fun and easy.

Tips to know


Want to avoid carrier service charges? Rent a cellphone or purchase a SIM card from Setar, located at the airport.


Located conveniently in the airport, Digicel also allows you to rent a cellphone or purchase a SIM card.


Get a rechargeable card to pay for parking in and around our capital, Oranjestad.


Aruba accepts all major credit cards, travelers checks, American dollars, and our currency, the Florin.

Stay Connected

How can you connect your cell phone to Aruba’s phone networks? Here is a cell phone instruction guide for you:…

Every visitor to our island has their own unique Aruba travel tips – secrets and hidden gems they’ve uncovered in their all-too-brief time here. To learn those, and more Aruba vacation tips straight from warm, welcoming Aruban locals, visit our blog. Or, take the Aruba travel advice that matters most: your own. Visit our happy home. Wander from coast to coast. Savor each unique flavor, friendly conversation, and unforgettable moment to make your own list of Aruba tips.

Getting Around Aruba

From our lively capital to quiet seaside towns, pristine beaches to rugged desert, it’s easy to go anywhere in Aruba.


More tips for visitors


Park your car rental at the clearly marked white parking areas on central locations in downtown Oranjestad.


The official local currency is the Aruban Florin; however, U.S. dollars are widely accepted.

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Fast Fact Aruba

What language do they speak? Is it a Dutch colony? How many people live there? The questions were many, the answers few.

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