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It’s easy for cruise visitors from all over the world to make the most of a quick stopover in Aruba.

The Port of Aruba is just steps from the luxury shopping, authentic restaurants, and gleaming pastel architecture of our capital, Oranjestad.

You can explore the traditional Dutch roots and modern Caribbean flare that define Aruba and its welcoming people. Or, venture into the countryside on a sightseeing tour of the pristine white-sand beaches, sparkling sea, and unforgettable natural wonders that make Aruba our happy home.

Aruba by Cruise

So, you’re in Aruba for the next few hours; now what? Your heart says, see everything! But your mind knows that’s impossible.

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Sightseeing & Tours

Experience Aruba with one of our many excursions, curated especially for our cruise ship visitors with limited time. Whether it’s a tour of Aruba’s rugged countryside by four-wheel drive, ATV, UTV, or even horseback; an easy-does-it sightseeing tour

Tour guide combining history with pure entertainment to hold the attention and interest of his audience.

Aruba Walking Tours

Most entertaining tour with local flavor


ABC Tours & Attractions

Exclusive off road tours in Land Rover

Fofoti Bus Transfer at Queen Beatrix International Airport In Aruba

Fofoti Tours & Transfers

Get the right direction with FofotiTours

Two People kayaking.

Clear Kayak Aruba

Adventure begins on the water


Butterfly Farm

Be mesmerized by colorful butterflies

Ostrich Farm

Aruba Ostrich Farm

Encounter ostriches, a fun adventure

People on paddle board.

Aruba Surf & Paddle School

Learn to surf & SUP from certified staff

A Day at the Beach

Spend your day on the island embracing the sun, sand, and amenities at one of Aruba’s hotels.

Reflexions Beach Bar & Restaurant


  • $10 – Adults
  • $10 – Children under 12


  • 10 AM - 10 PM


Beach-chair, Umbrella, Swimming Pool. Call to verify availability and included facilities.

Barcelo Aruba


  • $94 – Adults
  • $70 – Children under 12



Interior of bedroom at resort.

MVC Eagle Beach Aruba


  • $10 – Adults
  • $10 – Children under 12



Beach-chair & Towel

Garden area around the resort.

Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort Aruba


  • $50 – Adults
  • $25 – Children under 12


  • 9 AM - 6 PM


Beach-chair, Umbrella, Food & Beverage Credit, Pool Access, Shower-room and Wi-Fi. Call to verify availability and included facilities.

Pool area during daytime.

Eagle Aruba Resort & Casino


  • $25 – Adults
  • $25 – Children under 12



Beach-chair, Towel, Pool Access, Changing-room. A different package including lunch is also available. Call for details and availability.

Aerial shot of The Ritz-carlton Aruba at daytime.

The Ritz-Carlton Aruba


  • $120 – Adults
  • $0 – Children under 12



Cabana on the beach, Pool Access, Steam-room and Jacuzzi. Call for availability and included facilities.

Renaissance Island Aruba

Renaissance Island


  • $99 – Adults
  • $99 – Children under 12


  • 7 AM - 7 PM


Private Island Access, Water Taxi and Single Beverage and Food item. Call for availability and what's included.

Cruise Lines to Aruba

One sunny day. We Arubans know that’s all you truly need to be swept up in our happy island. To discover the beauty, charm, and near endless surprises our beautiful Aruba has to offer. A cruise to Aruba is the easiest way to enjoy a perfect sunny day here.

Aruba cruise ship schedules vary, but most Aruba cruises put you on our sandy shores early in the morning. The second you disembark, warm, friendly Arubans will welcome you to Oranjestad, our capitol, bustling with shopping, restaurants, and vibrant pastel Dutch-colonial architecture to browse and explore. Our air-conditioned Aruba cruise port has conveniently located ATMs and a Setar telecommunications desk, so it’s easy to find anything you need before taking your first steps into Aruba.

Cruises to Aruba are also ideal jumping off points to venture inland – to set off on your own by taxi, bus, or car to find a shady spot on one of our world-renown white-sand beaches, or a private cove off the beaten path. Or, to hop aboard an organized tour with an experienced guide, see an authentic side of Aruba that only locals know, and make the most of your one sunny day on our happy island.

Top FAQs

What beaches would you recommend?
One of Aruba's best assets is its remarkable repertoire of powdery white beaches, rated as some of the best in the world by respected publications. Some of the favorites include:

Far north along Aruba's western coastline, Arashi is touted for its crystal-blue water, sugary white sand, well-kept public palapas, and picturesque view of the California Lighthouse.

Baby Beach
At Aruba's southern end, famous Baby Beach wraps around a shallow and remarkably calm lagoon, making it a prime destination for families with small children.

Eagle Beach
Its immaculate, powder-white sand that stretches for miles, skirted by remarkably clear waters, earned this beach the number three spot on TripAdvisor's annual ranking of the best beaches in the world!

Surfside Beach
Just a 15-minute walk from the cruise terminal brings you to this beach boasting remarkably calm, shallow waters. Beach bars and restaurants, as well as chair rentals, are conveniently located here.
How do we get to the beaches?
As you disembark your cruise ship and make your way through our cruise terminal, taxis, buses, and tour companies are at your disposal.
Do you have to pay for the beaches?
All of Aruba's beaches are public and free for everyone to enjoy. Although there is no fee to enjoy our beaches, you can choose to rent lounge chairs and umbrellas at various locations on the beach.
Where can we catch the trolley?
Our public trolleys are free of charge, and you can hop on and off at your leisure.
How much does the trolley cost?
The trolleys are free of charge, and you can hop on and off at your leisure.
Where is the best place do go snorkeling?
Aruba has many close-to-shore reefs offering wonderful snorkeling opportunities. Some of the favorite spots include:

At this particular spot, about 150 meters offshore, a coral reef guarantees great snorkeling and diving, while a smaller reef sits just off of the rocky outcropping that separates Arashi from the next beach south, Boca Catalina.

Boca Catalina
This palapa-dotted beach grants access to a popular snorkeling spot with excellent underwater visibility and a close-to-shore reef filled with angelfish, needlefish, goatfish, starfish, and other curiosities.

Mango Halto
The beach is named for the dense network of mangrove trees that make their home here, providing plenty of shade. A narrow clearing in the mangroves leads into an irresistibly inviting expanse of shallow, aquamarine water, made remarkably placid by the protective barrier reef further out. This coral reef, easily reached by a short swim from shore, also makes for excellent snorkeling.
Where is the Mainstreet?
Mainstreet, also known as Caya Betico Croes, is located in the heart of Oranjestad, and just a ten-minute walk from the cruise terminal.
Where is the nearest pharmacy?
Botica del Pueblo is about a ten-minute walk from the cruise terminal, located on Caya Betico Croes.
Where can we get a taxi?
Taxis are at your disposal just outside the cruise terminal.
Where is the bus terminal?
Aruba's public bus system's main terminal is a five-minute walk from the cruise terminal.
What are the Covid-19 testing requirements for Cruise Visitors to Aruba?
Planning to visit Aruba on your cruise voyage? Aruba considers cruise passengers as same day travelers as they spend less than 24 hours on-island. Therefore, cruise passengers are not required to test and do not have to show a Covid-19 test nor proof of vaccination to enter the island. Cruise passengers may explore their island at will but need to adhere to local applicable measures such as social distancing, facemasks when indoors and hand sanitizing. Cruise passengers need to consider, however, the relevant policies of their cruise line. Contact your cruise line for the specifics.

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