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Sailboat sailing the pristine blue waters of Aruba

Things to Do in Aruba

Sure, we’re small, but we pack more fun and happiness into 70 square miles than any other Caribbean island.

We’re known for our perfect weather and legendary beaches, near-endless stretches of alabaster sand kissed by sparkling warm seas, and hugged by the wind-curved trunks of our fofoti trees.

Venture beyond the sand and you’ll discover so much more. A sea full of life and shipwrecks. Pastel streets lined with shows, shopping, and vibrant nightlife. An authentic, inviting culture. There’s no shortage of fun things to do in Aruba, it’s just a matter of finding which ones make you happiest.

Local produce and crafts

Farmers Market at the Ostrich Farm in Aruba.

The Ostrich Farm organizes the monthly local farmers market.…

Rodgers Beach in Aruba.

Beaches & Coves

Where pristine white sand meets the turquoise sea, Aruba is the happy home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

Female surfing at the beach.
On the Water
Sunshine ray from the inside of the Quadirikiri Cave
Natural Wonders
Romantic cabana dinner on the beach at Elements Restaurant.
Mural of peacock in San Nicolas

Arts & Culture

Aruba’s culture comes alive in the spirited rhythms, art, and dance that fill our streets, homes, galleries, and hearts.

View of the Hooiberg from top of the Casibari Rock Formation
Sightseeing & Tours
Downtown Oranjestad. Daniel Leo Square was the location of the commander's house - the residence of predecessors to the administrators and governors of the island, built in the first quarter of the 19th century
Woman doing yoga at the dunes in Aruba.
Mackenzie Tour -  PGA Tour Canada; Aruba Cup 2016
Sports & Golf

Beyond Aruba’s picture-perfect beaches and sunshine is an island of treasures waiting to be discovered. It’s the near-endless variety of fun things to do in Aruba that keeps happy travelers coming back year after year, adventuring and exploring to their heart’s content.

The top things to do in Aruba aren’t set in stone, they’re written in sand. They vary by mood, by trip, and by traveler. Here, you’ll find sparkling seas for snorkeling, scuba diving, and windsurfing; volcanic rock and sprawling desert to explore by Jeep or ATV; cultural delicacies to delight in; pure happiness to uncover. If you ask us, they aren’t just some of the best things to do in Aruba, they’re some of the best things to do in the Caribbean.

Itinerary ideas

Countless ways to find happiness

Inspire your Aruba island vacation with itineraries that invite you to explore, experience & embrace every unforgettable corner of our happy island.

Get Inspired