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Mackenzie Tour -  PGA Tour Canada; Aruba Cup 2016

Aruba Sports, Golf & Outdoor

Practice your favorite sports and physical activity in Aruba. Find the action. Play. Connect. Relax. Unwind. Enjoy. Repeat.

If you’re looking for the best active sports vacation in the Caribbean, Aruba is your place to be. How about some sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, biking, hiking or golf?

The turquoise water and constant breeze make Aruba the ideal destination if you are a fan of wind or water sports. Not much of an aquatic type? Start a friendly match of soccer, baseball, or golf with your companions or some locals. They are always happy to play!

Active Vacation


We can all agree that the focus on health is higher than ever.

Aruba Sports, Golf & Outdoor

Explore Aruba's Nature and Wildlife

Mountain biking & Rentals in Aruba

Fancy yourself a bit of an adventurer? Then the dirt roads, cliffs and natural wonders of Aruba may best be savored atop a mountain bike.

Hiking in Aruba

Some believe a vacation is best enjoyed laying by the pool, whereas others prefer something more action-packed (or perhaps a combination).

Bike tours in Aruba

When thinking of getting around Aruba, you might consider a car, taxi or public transport first. But what about biking in Aruba?

You might be wondering if Aruba is the perfect holiday destination for you if you’re an active type. It absolutely is! Yes, we do have some of the most wonderful beaches where you can relax all day long. The luxurious resorts are perfect for some reading and sunbathing by the pool. But Aruba is also known for its sports and active lifestyle. 

The location and climate of the island make it ideal for water sports activities. Kitesurfing, windsurfing, diving, and kayaking belong to the most popular sports in Aruba. 

You’ll see why once you’ve arrived on our island. The turquoise water of Aruba’s southern Caribbean sea embraces our happy island like a hug. It looks extremely inviting and will get every sports fanatic enthusiastic. 

If you are looking for more unique sports to do while staying in Aruba, try some beach tennis. Become a master at this fun beach sport that combines tennis, badminton, and volleyball. Or visit Eagle Bowling Palace for a night out competing with your friends or family. If you want to venture out into the Arikok national park, there are many biking and hiking trails that take you to unique spots on the island. Oh, and we can't forget about our great golf courses with stunning scenery in Aruba.

Would you like to keep up with the sports you’re performing at home? The One Happy Island is the place to do it. Enjoy the sun while you play with your temporary Aruba soccer team, and drink some beers in one of the bars afterwards. Believe us, the third half is even better in Aruba. 

You can also play some baseball in Aruba, so get your bat ready and enjoy! If you not only love to play but also watch sports games, you should definitely check if there’s an upcoming match in one of Aruba’s baseball stadiums. It’s always nice to see the pro’s play, isn’t it? 

One last tip? Go play basketball in Aruba! Meet the locals at different squares on the island and join them in a friendly match. You’re guaranteed to have a good time - and workout. 


We’re just getting started with the amazing effects Aruba has to offer. Dig into your trip details below to unlock a Caribbean experience that will fill you with sunshine and send you home with a happy afterglow that never fades.

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