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Queno Yoga Classes

Nov 08, 2019

Accredited Teacher Training Pilates, Yoga and Mobility in Aruba

Accredited sports education courses by Queno Sportopleidingen.

In December, Queno Sportopleidingen (sports education) offers accredited education courses for starting and experienced sports instructors in Oranjestad, Aruba.

This year it concerns courses to become Pilates instructor (starting teachers) and Advanced Pilates (after the Instructor training). Education to become Hatha Yoga teacher, the first and most accessible yoga form. Mobility Trainer for sports instructors (and fanatical athletes) from all disciplines. In the course one learns to work with techniques from Yin Yoga to improve mobility. In the weekend of December 8th Headstand workshop in which we work on technique and own skills and also accompany others with this challenging movement.

QUENO Sportopleidingen is the company led by Annemiek Smegen and Ron Naranjo from the Netherlands. Since 2005 a big name in the field of short no-nonsense teacher training courses in the sport. The main location Westerbork is in the north of the Netherlands, also location of Ron and Annemiek’s multi gym. Second training location is Antwerp, Belgium and since 5 years QUENO Sportopleidingen is offering train-the-trainer programs in Aruba. For this, they have partnered with My Fitness Oranjestad and Transition 2 Health from Aruba.


Yoga is the fastest growing sport at the moment in the world. Hatha Yoga Teacher is a four day training course, of which three days are offered on the island. The fourth day is the day of the exam. This can be done online or in the Netherlands at a later date. People who do not want to do an exam but would like to acquire the knowledge are also welcome to participate in the training. Hatha Yoga is the basis of all yoga and is a very suitable training to start as a yoga teacher. Hatha is an accessible yoga form for a large target group. In the training you learn to perform 32 yoga poses (asanas) technically well and correct others, the sunsalutation and how to teach this, a clear well-founded yoga class structure, basic Pranayama (breathing technique) and relaxation. Dealing with physical complaints and offering options or differentiating. During the training you will do a lot of practice so you can really teach after the training.


Pilates remains a powerful and highly effective method to keep the body healthy and improve health; strength, control, balance and flexibility. Many people with shoulder, neck and back complaints experience tremendous progress as they start with Pilates. In the training to Pilates Instructor you learn in two days how you can teach a thorough basic Pilates lessons. You will work on your own technique and understanding of the anatomy, and learn about the functioning of the body to get the maximum benefit from Pilates. In the Pilates Advanced education program you'll learn an additional practice series with technology and theoretical foundations to offer exercises to high physical capacity participants as well.

Mobility Trainer for a healthy body

Mobility is very important when it comes to healthy ageing but also if you want to improve your physical. With the right mobility exercises the body will recover faster after an intensive training, in physical complaints and after trauma. Mobility training can provide a better technique that improves sports performance. In the education to become Mobility Trainer you’ll learn techniques for back, shoulder and hip mobility. You get insight into how you can offer this as a Personal Trainer during the PT, how you can interweave this with group lessons and fitness training and how to use it as a recovery training. Also for athletes who do not teach the education is interesting for own development and improvement of sports performance.

Headstand workshop

Standing on your head is a challenging move that many people struggle with. In this workshop you'll learn technique and the right structure to practice different headstands. The  inversion  not only give a huge kick when you experience control but physically these attitudes also appear to do a lot for the body. Inversions provide mental  balance, positive energy through stimulation of blood flow and have a rejuvenated effect. The workshop is open to teachers and athletes who want to learn this technique.

The train-the-trainer programs and workshop in Aruba are offered bilingual; English/Dutch. They are suitable for people who want to start teaching and experienced instructors who want to deepening knowledge. The courses are attended by people from Aruba, Suriname and the surrounding islands and by vacationers from all over the world. Everyone is welcome. The education is recognized by the CRKBO, part of Yoga Alliance International (100, 200 & 500 hrs) and industry recognized.

Personal Training at the beach

It is possible to book Personal training from one of the trainers of QUENO in the period dec 2019 - jan 2020. The instructors are very widely trained so there are various possibilities. For more information please contact Whatsapp: + 31646317727

The education take place at My Fitness Oranjestad. Headstand Workshop December 8th,  Hatha Yoga Teacher 13-15 Dec, pilates Instructor 14-15 Dec., Pilates Advanced 21 Dec., Mobility Trainer 22 Dec. 2019. For more information, please visit  or email  Whatsapp: + 31639427400

Facebook / Instagram / LinkedIn: Annemiek Smegen - QUENO Sportopleidingen.

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