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Farmer harvesting aloe in the cunucu.

Jan 13, 2017

Aruba Aloe Enjoys International Spotlight on CNN Travel

Aruba Aloe Enjoys International Spotlight on CNN Travel

With its gorgeous beaches, perfect weather, renowned cuisine, and top-notch accommodations, Aruba is frequently featured on international travel websites. Recently, the island was in the limelight again, this time with a focus on Aloe.

On January 10, CNN Travel published an online article about Aruba Aloe—the oldest Aloe company in the world—and the amazing plant that it grows, hand-harvests, and processes into highly sought-after health and beauty products.


The article, “Aruba Aloe Sheds Light on Potent, Powerful Plant,” was written by Lindsay Lambert Day, an Atlanta-based freelance travel and lifestyle journalist.  The article touches on the many beneficial aspects of the plant when used topically and taken orally, information she gleaned from one of Aruba Aloe's free guided tours.


Marketing Manager Jessica Posner commented, “Aruba Aloe is incredibly thrilled and proud to be profiled by CNN Travel.  On a daily basis our entire team does the utmost to make sure we're producing high-quality products with the finest Aloe in the world grown on Aruban soil.  We also aim to make sure our tours are both educational and fun.  The CNN article confirms that we're making an impact on island visitors and that all our hard work is paying off.”


The article not only puts the Aruba Aloe Company in the spotlight, but also the island of Aruba itself.  It highlights some of the other aloe-related experiences that visitors to the island can enjoy, including spa treatments and cocktail hours featuring aloe-infused creations.  Posner adds, “The charisma and openness of our tour guides, comes through very nicely in the article. Indirectly it is displaying the genuine friendliness of the Aruban people.”

Already, the article has a total reach of over 2.9 million people, and with each new reader comes a potential new visitor to the island and to Aruba Aloe. Check out the story at

Not only Tourist can visit Aruba Aloe’s state of the art factory and museum. Aruba Aloe also invites the local community to visit the premises and enjoy the FREE factory and museum tour.  The tour is a fun outing for the entire family, you will learn about the amazing properties of the Aloe plant as well as why Aruban Aloe is considered the finest in the world.  The tour also provides an up-close look at how Aruba Aloe creates its wide range of Aloe-based products.

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