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Sep 29, 2022

Aruba on the road to becoming more sustainable through Arts

The International platform of the Art Fair in Aruba is growing, not only in the European Art world but also in Mexico, LATAM, USA, Canada and the East

The organization is forever changing their program in trying to establish the focus on different topics that can change the community. The world is changing, its climate is rapidly destroying the chance of a better future.

For the last 5 years Aruba is subject to recurrent natural extremes, such as extreme change of seasons, rainfall and flooding. What was once a place that if it rains for more than an hour consecutive, the hotel manager throws free happy hour, nowadays that rule doesn’t apply anymore.

Taking this in consideration and the effects of the overcuring changes around in the Caribbean, ArtisA the mother company of the Aruba Art Fair, looked in the possibilities to launch a campaign that would catch the attention of the community.

One of the possibilities is to act and react, the International and local muralists have priority focus areas on Resilience, Sustainable Energy and Marine Biodiversity.

Climate change is a serious happening that needs the attention and what better way than showing, expressing this trough arts.  But not only enhancing the diverse murals in the open gallery of the Promenade in San Nicolas but carrying the message across the border, implementing it in the schools and giving it its own leeway to reach all houses of Aruba is the main focus of ArtisA.

Art Expression, the school project during the Art week, will educate through arts and crafts, encouraging individual behavioral change to over 25 schools on the Island, a program to educate by adjusting consumption patterns and stepping up climate actions and build a better future for all, showing that everyone can help, limit global changes and take care of our planet. Their work of art on gigantic canvasses will be exposed during the Aruba Art Fair.

Would you care in being part of the change, be the change yourself and join the Aruba Art Fair 2022. November 4.5.6. 2022 in the streets of the Promenade in San Nicolas. Music, Dance, Poetry, Cultural parades and more. More than 150 local artists will be showing their Art, painting and crafts.

For more information visit our website or visit our gallery ArtisA at the B v/d Veen Zeppenfeldstraat 6.

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