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Aruba Certification Program

Mar 26, 2019

Aruba Certification Program Broadens Its Course Offerings with the Introduction of ‘Service Excellence Program'

Aruba Certification Program (A.C.P.) takes the first step to broadening its courses to increase the quality of service within the hospitality industry

Aruba is known for its friendly and cordial people that contribute greatly to the sense of ‘One Happy Island’ and the authentic experience that our visitors have on our island. This unique aspect is what A.C.P. wants to keep up and nourish within the hospitality industry with the introduction of the ‘Service Excellence Program’. 

During the ‘Service Excellence Program’ different important elements of service excellence are discussed in an informative, interactive, and reflective manner. The program starts with focusing on our promise, specifically our ‘brand promise’ towards our guests as to being a ‘One Happy Island’ and that it is the responsibility of all of us to fulfill this promise. This aspect is important because it deals with the integrity of our island as a touristic destination. The program provides the participants with the necessary tools to be aware of his/her ability to provide excellent service.

One leading component of the program is the concept of Zjeito. Zjeito is the name for the nine values that embodies what is identified as typical authentic Aruban service excellence. For us to keep on creating the sense of ‘One Happy Island’ we have to provide excellent service based on these nine values. The program also touches the foundation of excellent service, which is an excellent attitude and excellent communication. The ‘Service Excellence Program’ compliments the existing ‘Programa di Excelencia di Aruba’ by taking a deep dive into the topic of service excellence.  

Aruba Certification Program would like to say thank you to Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort, Holiday Inn Resort, Manchebo Resort, Hilton Resort, La Cabana Resort and Avis Car rental to participate in the pilot program. For more information regarding the programs of Aruba Certification Program please call 2802924 or email at

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