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Aruba Certification Program Virtual Tour provided by the Aruba Excellence Foundation.

Sep 07, 2020

Aruba Certification Program facilitates first 360° Virtual Island Tour with the team of Bucuti & Tara Resort

An exciting update from the Aruba Excellence Foundation.

Aruba Excellence Foundation (A.E.F.) has adapted the training of Aruba Certification Program (A.C.P.) to provide the sessions online since the first wave of COVID-19 affected our island.

The participants are encouraged to participate with interactive live online quizzes and to ask questions and share comments during the sessions in the live chat of the training.

One important part of the training that has also been modified is the famous field excursion. This is the island tour that is normally scheduled on the first day of the training. 

At the start of the pandemic, the team decided to adapt and grabbed the opportunity to innovate and create a 360° virtual reality (V.R.) island tour. 

The team of  Bucuti & Tara Resort is the first accommodation that participated with the A.C.P. 360° virtual island tour, in a setup considering social distance. For them, this experience was exceptional. Most of the participants expressed that it felt like they could reach out and touch the California Lighthouse or the big red anchor in San Nicolas or felt like they were actually sitting in the Chapel of Alto Vista.

The V.R. island tour features 21 landmarks and important stops that might be overlooked by most when driving around the island.

The owner and GM of Bucuti & Tara Resort, Mr. Ewald Biemans expressed that he enjoyed the content very much and that he admires the initiative of creating the 360° VR island tour. He also expressed that it is very important to maintain the concept of field excursion as part of the A.C.P. training and highly recommends everyone to participate with the A.C.P. training program.

Congratulations to Bucuti & Tara Resort for taking the initiative to enroll all the associates in the A.C.P. Program and for being the first resort to take part in this amazing V.R. experience. 

Aruba Excellence Foundation was established by Aruba Tourism Authority in June 2018. This foundation is charged with executing the Aruba Certification Program (A.C.P.) and Happy Information Officer (H.I.O.) program.

The main objective of the foundation is to continue to develop and implement A.C.P. and H.I.O. and other programs which are especially designed to certify people that work in the service and hospitality industry. This is to ensure that we maintain the high level of consistent service excellence that Aruba is known for towards the future.

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