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Mar 22, 2016

Aruban Pride Celebrated at Aruba Aloe

Aruban Pride Celebrated at Aruba Aloe

On Friday, March 18, Aruba Aloe joined in the island-wide festivities by inviting the community to its Flag and Anthem Day Celebration at its flagship facility in Hato.  With visitors popping in all day long, Aruba Aloe gave free tours of its charming museum and state-of-the-art factory, where it manufactures its world-renowned skin, hair, and sun care products.  Visitors also enjoyed traditional Aruban music and free aloe-banana-pineapple smoothies.

Aruba Aloe had good reason to celebrate Aruban pride on our island's most patriotic of holidays.  Since 1890, Aruba Aloe has upheld the Aruban tradition of aloe cultivation, hand-harvesting the aloe it uses to make its products from the 125-year-old aloe fields surrounding its Hato facility.

Local Kristine Meaux, who was visiting the museum and factory for the first time, commented, “Aruba Aloe is yet another thing for Arubans to be proud of.

"Aruba Aloe is yet another thing for Arubans to be proud of. I'm also really glad to see that Aruba Aloe is making efforts to be eco-friendly and playing its part in preserving Aruba's natural environment, and I'd love to see more businesses on the island follow in its footsteps."

Kristine also commented on the many different nationalities represented at the event. 

“I love seeing all the different people—Aruban, American, Dutch, Venezuelan—coming together to celebrate the same thing...Aruban pride.  It's truly a reflection of the melting pot of Aruba.”

The event also gave the community a chance to become more acquainted with Aruba Aloe's new Bon Jabon soap brand.  A special promotion allowed those who made purchases of AWG 20,- or more to choose a free Fruity Soap from the new brand.  Guests were also personally invited to visit the new Bon Jabon store on Main Street in downtown Oranjestad to experience the full Bon Jabon line—including handmade bar soaps, liquid soaps, sugar scrubs, and bath salts—by sampling the products at the two in-store sinks.  The store is located on the same premises as the Bon Jabon Factory, where all the Bon Jabon products are made.  A glass wall in the store enables visitors to watch the factory employees at work making the soap products.

If you missed the Flag and Anthem Day celebration at Aruba Aloe, you can visit the Aruba Aloe Factory and Museum during its regular opening hours for your own free tour, which highlights the history of aloe cultivation on Aruba and unveils the entire manufacturing process, from the hand-cutting of the aloe leaves to the packaging of the final products. 

Aruba Aloe thanks the community for joining it in celebrating Flag and Anthem Day, and in particular, celebrating the rich aloe heritage that lives on at Aruba Aloe today.

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