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Jul 28, 2016

At Hilton Aruba Birds of a feather flock together

Hilton Aruba - Bird Keeper

The Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino is home to eleven exotic birds, and recently the precious feathered guests were relocated to a special Bird Garden, a beautifully landscaped, well protected area of the grounds, easily accessed by resort’s guests and their kids.

The birds of the Aruba Caribbean have always been cared for by the Birdman of Palm Beach, bird whisperer Victor Hernandez, who has been an avian caretaker for more than 27 years, at the Grand Dame for more than 16 years. Victor pampers and protect his birds, like they are children, and he can spend many hours describing their personality traits and quirks, their beauty and intelligence, sharing his huge knowledge regarding proper nutrition and responsible breeding, with other fans of the animal kingdom.

The Bird Garden, under the mango tree, adjacent to the cascading waterfalls, allows the birds to interact with each other, practice sharing, and good neighborly habits. The garden also provides guests with an entertaining and relaxing environment, from early dawn to early evening.

Victor oversees bird interaction sessions daily, except Wednesdays, at 11:00am, when guests may take pictures and watch the birds’ feeding, see our picture with the Fitzpatricks, who recently celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary at the resort.

The resort birds: Laura, a Blue & Gold Macaw, the oldest bird on property, is 36 years old, and she shows distinct preference towards male visitors. Rita, a Blue & Gold Macaw, is 22 years old, she is a hyper and ready to play bird, cheerful at all times. Rolita, a Green Winged Macaw, is 25 years old, he likes to dance; he’s a big flirt who tends to be loud and bossy. Pepe, a Sulfur Crested Cockatoo, is 16 years old; she is very sweet and friendly with everyone, a true crowd pleaser. Sam, a Red – Billed Toucan, is around 10 years old, he is always excitable and loud in female company. He favors red grapes, blue berries and papaya. Paquita, a Yellow Shouldered Amazon, is about 9 years old; she is shy but can also be friendly and gentle. Two, an African Grey Parrot, is 16 years old; he is a bit tentative, but friendly nevertheless, when he warms up, his sibling One, also an African Grey Parrot of the same age, is outgoing and fearless. Aruba & Guapo, a pair of Green Winged Macaw, are both 12 years old. Aruba is very caring and protective of Guapo. Guapo is jolly and only wants to party! P.K., a Blue & Gold Macaw, is 16 years old; he likes to pretend he can fly, so that he can show off his fancy wings.

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