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Jun 17, 2016

Bon Jabon Joins the Action of Aloe Wellness Month Aruba

Aloe Wellness Month Aruba - Bon Jabon

This month, the Aruba Tourism Authority is hosting Aloe Wellness Month Aruba on the island.  Aruba Aloe has contributed to this special month-long celebration of wellness with its own signature experience called “Aloe Yourself to be Happy,” along with DIY recipes for aloe-based beauty products and special promotions at all its Aruba Aloe stores.  Bon Jabon, Aruba Aloe's newest brand, is also getting in on the action of Aloe Wellness Month by offering its own special promotion.

During the month of June, the Bon Jabon Store, located on Main Street in downtown Oranjestad, is giving away a free Summer Splash Soap with every purchase of $25 or more. Bon Jabon chose to give away a lemon-scented soap based on research that indicates the wellness benefits of citrus scents, including their ability to curb anxiety, brighten your mood, and reduce stress and tension.


In fact, Bon Jabon's entire product line, which includes bar soaps, hand soaps, sugar scrubs, salt scrubs, and bath salts, offers a wide range of wellness benefits. All Bon Jabon products contain 100% Pure Aloe Vera Gel from Aruba as well as other fine ingredients to nourish, moisturize, and heal the skin. The products are also infused with scents that have aroma therapeutic qualities—like the anti-stress and pro-joy qualities of Summer Splash.  As pointed out by marketing manager Jessica Posner, “When it comes to wellness, it's not just about the ingredients we use. Overall, Bon Jabon products enrich the bathing experience—they deepen the act of taking care of ourselves—leading to both mind and body wellness.”


All Bon Jabon products are made at the Bon Jabon Factory on Main Street.  Located on the factory premises, the Bon Jabon Store has one wall made of glass, affording visitors the opportunity to watch as factory workers handmake the soaps. The store also invites visitors to sample the various products at two in-store sinks for a fun, interactive experience. 

Bon Jabon invites the entire community to join it in celebrating wellness this June by visiting its store and taking advantage if its special promotion. Those who are interested in Aruba Aloe's “Aloe Yourself to be Happy” experience can register for it at the Bon Jabon Store, any Aruba Aloe Store on the island, by calling 583-1650

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