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Bucuti and Tara Beach Resort

Oct 19, 2021

Carbon-Neutral, Guilt-free Vacation Elevated at Bucuti & Tara, Aruba

World’s first Carbon Offset Concierge added as resort is honored by United Nations at COP26.

 Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort is helping guests take vacations today that protect the vacations of tomorrow. As the Caribbean’s first and only certified carbon-neutral hotel, the resort stay is already net-zero and guilt-free. Now with the addition of the world’s first Carbon Offset Concierge, guests can elevate their experience by making their entire vacation guilt free by offsetting their travel emissions. This timing complements the upcoming 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) where Bucuti & Tara will be honored and Owner/CEO Ewald Biemans will present solutions other hotels can adopt in the collective race to stop climate change. 


How it works

Every major airline servicing Aruba offers carbon emissions offset purchases on its website. Guests can certainly select that on their own or have their travel professional do so at the time of booking their air travel. For those guests who prefer to have assistance from the resort, the Carbon Offset Concierge readily handles the request.


Bucuti & Tara helps guests discover how simple it is to take a carbon-neutral vacation:

  • Step 1. Stay at Bucuti & Tara for a 100 percent carbon-neutral hotel visit.
  • Step 2. When booking air travel, purchase carbon emissions offsets or select Bucuti & Tara’s Carbon Offset Concierge assistance within their resort confirmation or by emailing  
This new guest service is complimentary and guests will pay directly for their chosen offsets. Guests can opt-in for covering their travel to and from the airports as well as their flights. A guest flying roundtrip between New York and Aruba can offset their carbon emissions for just US $11.86 on American Airlines through their carbon offset partner, Cool Effect. A guest flying KLM roundtrip from Amsterdam to Aruba will pay only €22.40 through the airline's CO2ZERO offset initiative. By neutralizing their carbon footprints through offsets, the purchases go to verified, high-quality programs such as renewable energy through wind and solar farms, or programs that provide reforestation, protect waterways and safely employ people in different parts of the world.

This new guest service complements Bucuti & Tara’s Owner/CEO Ewald Biemans’ upcoming speaking engagement at the United Nations’ much-anticipated COP26. Being held Nov. 1 -12, 2021 in Glasgow, the news is abuzz deeming it the world’s most critical conference on climate change since the 2015 Paris Agreement. Biemans’ appearance recognizes the best practices that led to Bucuti & Tara becoming the first hotel in United Nations history to win a Global UN 2020 Climate Action Award.

Vacationing that saves the future
Bucuti & Tara knows guests seek vacations to take a break from the daily grind and oftentimes to reconnect with one another. Vacations are a time when indulgences are given into and Bucuti & Tara is helping guests do so while still protecting the planet for generations to come. While it holds the Caribbean’s most eco-certifications, it is second to none with accolades as the Caribbean’s best hotel for romance and guest service, providing guests with a gratifying, guilt-free vacation.

The forward-thinking resort reflects what vacations will have to look like so people can continue to take them. As demand for more plant-based dining and authentic dishes soars, guests have equal access to these healthy options just as they do traditional cuisine. They enjoy amenities such as private birding excursions and in-hotel art exhibits by famed local artists rather than ATV tours that destroy wildlife habitats and the island’s delicate landscape. Guests sip from reusable, keepsake water bottles rather than single-use plastic. As guests bond with staff, they’re even invited to join in monthly beach clean-ups to keep Bucuti’s white sand beach pristine and safe for marine life such as vulnerable nesting sea turtles. Even the in-room channel shares how they’ve chosen the Caribbean’s most regenerative vacation experience, the only type of travel that will help curb climate change. 

“Here at Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort, we want to continue helping our guests keep healthy habits portable so that when they are traveling here for a carbon-neutral resort stay, that can begin from the moment they take off until the moment they touch back down thanks to offsetting their travel emissions,” shares Ewald Biemans, Owner/CEO of Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort and noted environmentalist. “We want to help them discover the joy and efficiency of a memorable regenerative vacation that protects the planet for future vacationers.”

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