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Cosecha Contest Winner

Dec 01, 2020

Cosecha Artisan IT Challenge

Cosecha has recently organized a challenge between artisans on the island.

They needed to deliver one product that they think has the WOW factor, inspired by Aruba’s nature, stories, history and culture.  It needed to be accompanied by a short story about the inspiration and concept process.  It needed to be handmade or made with simple tools or machines that are hand operated and have a good finishing and esthetics. The commercial value was also a very important factor and it that it can be replicated by the maker to make a collection. The designer needed to show a degree of intricacy or dominance of the materials involved and the product needed to be made with an adequate material.

Cosecha received a lot of participants and the SEYO committee selected the finalists. The winning piece is called Divita by Lidia Maldonado followed by Freddy Ramirez with his piece "Birds Eye View" and followed by Michella van Loon with her piece "Oruma".

The piece DivitA has a beautiful story. DivitA, short for Divi tree Aruba. Her name is inspired by the name of the fruit of the Watapana tree in Aruba, which is the Divi.

She represents Aruba’s nature, history, and culture.  She carries with her the Aruban pride, the customs, and traditions from the different countries where our people come from and the hospitality and kindness Arubians are known for. She represents what the Arubians were, what they are and what they hope to become. She is a reminder of the beauty and fragility of our resources and the importance of always protecting them. DivitA is a special edition ceramic doll designed, created and hand painted with love  by Lia Maldonado, inspired by the shape of our Watapana, known as Divi or Dividivi.


For more information visit the website of Cosecha or visit their facebook page and instagram page.