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May 17, 2024

From FPNA to Aruba Conservation Foundation (ACF)

The independent nature conservation formerly known as FPNA announced its transformation to Aruba Conservation Foundation (ACF)

On the occasion of Earth Day this year, the independent nature conservation formerly known as FPNA announced its transformation to Aruba Conservation Foundation (ACF). This transformation encompasses a new name, logo, and visual identity that aligns with the organization’s new strategic direction as a modern conservation management organization, and the current need for conserving Aruba’s nature - departing from the traditional park management organization many have come to know for over 20 years.

For the past seven years, the foundation has been experiencing an expansion of its roles and responsibilities as it was mandated to manage additional protected areas all around Aruba. In addition, the foundation also engages in active conservation efforts that included collaboration with other local and international NGOs on different projects and programs. To better manage this broadening of the scope of work and to mitigate the ever-increasing pressure on nature, the foundation underwent a comprehensive strategic process during 2020-2022 to determine its renewed direction for the upcoming years and launched its Multi Annual Corporate Strategy 2023 – 2032.

As part of the organization’s MACS 2023 -2032, a brand transformation of the foundation was needed to align with the new strategic direction and conservation actions of ACF, to change the perception and image from that of a traditional park management organization which solely operates within park boundaries and focusses on recreation, and embrace its new direction as the modern conservation management organization it has transitioned into. Today, ACF reconfirms its position as Aruba’s Voice of Nature with the organization acting and advocating for the protection, preservation and restoration of the island’s ecosystem and biodiversity, reminding locals and visitors alike of their innate connection to nature.

To discover more about Aruba Conservation Foundation, please visit or visit Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. To connect with the team, email

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