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Sep 15, 2017

Get reconnected with your body, mind and soul during the Magic Soul Retreat

Get reconnected with your body, mind and soul during the Magic Soul Retreat

Also this year the Magic Soul Retreat will be held on Aruba exclusively for women. It’s the second edition organized by life coaches Gea Sougé-Meijer and Bridgette Parent. Participants are welcome for a 5-day journey that will lead them to deeper meaning and joy in their lives.  

Many people today ask themselves, “What experience do I want to have in this life? How do I want to re-write the main character of my story?” Everything in life is a choice. This is one of those choices that can re-direct the path of your life to one of authenticity, purpose and every-day magic.

This spiritual retreat takes place in one of the nicest areas of the island, Malmok Beach. The private villa, the presence of local beaches and magical labyrinth are just a few of the highlights of this special place. The program includes different activities in combination with personal coaching. Deep guided meditations, inspiring nature hikes, spiritual labyrinth walks, yoga, intuitive readings and reflective journaling are all part of the journey. And there is also room for conversations with a soulful tribe, creative art projects and of course delicious, mindful meals. These retreats are mystical, playful and practical. Everything has been mindfully designed to make this a one-of-a-kind, life changing experience!

"This is the best money that I have ever spent for myself," says last year's participant, Sheila Stewart. "The trust, love and genuine care that was displayed by the facilitators helped me to surrender, and love myself enough to do the work, freeing myself to live my best life. I will forever be grateful to Gea and Bridgette.

Experienced Life Coaches, Gea Sougé-Meijer from Aruba and Bridgette Parent Reid from Austin, Texas, will guide this transformational journey. Guests find themselves coming alive, connecting with their inner wisdom, and getting re-acquainted with the best parts of themselves. 

Visit the website, video or Facebook event for more information on this retreat.