Oct 11, 2016

Giant Bingo Progressive Jackpot Won at the Tropicana Casino Aruba

Giant Bingo Progressive Jackpot Won at the Tropicana Casino Aruba

A giant progressive jackpot was hit at the Tropicana Casino Aruba just recently, when a lucky player yelled out BINGO, and was gratified by $19,221.06, or Awg 34,597.90 in prize money, having completed a full card.

Winner Anais Cannergieter purchased her ticket for the Tropicana Aruba Bingo session and watched incredulously as the numbers on her bingo card formed the full-card pattern in just 50 calls.

Number O-69 was this bingo player’s lucky number, and when the number was called, it came with an incredible jackpot, triggering a flood of emotion among all bingo players, in the house.

At the time she yelled Bingo, Anais didn’t really know how much she had won. But when she received the confirmation from the Bingo host, she realized that it was more than just a regular game, and enjoyed the congratulatory comments, and the photo opportunity.  

As is customary, the casino management had just announced a new Bingo progressive which started on the following day at  $10,000 or AWG. 18,000, and will continue to grow each week, until it is won!

In our picture Anais with casino marketing host Jenny Mackintosh, accepting her win

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