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Holiday Inn 50th Anniversary

Sep 23, 2019

Holiday Inn inaugurated their Hadrey Gallery Honoring Staff, Aruban Culture & History

The Holiday Inn Resort Aruba recently inaugurated their Hadrey Gallery situated in the Lobby area.

The Resort paid homage to Aruba's culture & history with the presentation of an amazing Gallery project during a nice evening of celebration together, warming up for their 50th year anniversary on October 22nd.

It was a heartwarming encounter between employees who have been working for more than 20 years at the Holiday Inn during the official inauguration of their Gallery at the Lobby area. General Manager, Kevin Anderson, opened the evening with a speech, welcoming and congratulating all of the wonderful employees who have been part of the Holiday Inn family for many years. The name of the Gallery, Hadrey, symbolizes what is considered the heart of Aruba's old houses (Cunucu). The Holiday Inn Team worked very hard to realize this amazing project and wanted to use a local name to represent it. 

“Back in history, the original Cunucu houses were extended with a daily living space called Hadrey Zuid (South) where families and visitors gathered, becoming the heart of the home. Today this Gallery has become the heart of the Resort, for that this name is a perfect fit for this beautiful project” Explained Eva Ruiz Marketing Director during the opening.

The name Hadrey was thought of by Hans Christiaans, an employee working with the Resort for over 25 years, and after, research was done with the help and collaboration of Aruba Oficina di Monumento.

The Gallery consists of three walls. The first two are located in the main lobby, where the viewers travel back in time observing black and white photos of the development and growth of the hotel as the years passed. The third wall recognizes some of the resort's most loyal employees, who for over 20 years have given their very best to make this resort home for all of their guests providing memorable experiences over and over again.

In the middle of the photo exhibition, you can also appreciate an exact scale model of a cunucu house by the local artist Karina Muci.

A Resort that values long term relationships
The delicious food enjoyed by guests during the celebration evening was provided by Executive Sous Chef of the Holiday Inn, Aldwin Donata. This was surely an evening where the team, the heart and soul of the resort, were honored for their love and dedication. Holiday Inn consists of a large family of employees and many of them have been working for many years. For example, Veronica Romero, from the department of Accounts Payable, started in housekeeping department out in 1973 today her work and dedication take her to the Accounting department where she has been working for more than 30 years. "I will always be grateful to the Holiday Inn for helping me grow", says Mrs. Romero. Miguel Marquez, Pool & Beach Recreational Manager at the Holiday Inn has been working for the resort for 20 years, and he says the company always motivated him to push forward in life. "They are a respectable company that values the human side, they value the labor side as well and it's up to each person to succeed in whatever they want to do", says Mr. Marquez. He says that working in the tourism industry, especially in the hotel sector, has taught him that the company can provide you with many opportunities, but you must keep your objectives clear and carry yourself with discipline to make it far in life.

A large family for 50 years
Holiday Inn carries a large base of approximately 4.000 repeat guests who come back at least four times a year. According to General Manager, Kevin Anderson, the Resort's growth has generally always been very positive. "We work very hard to assure that we keep getting our repeat guests back, but also making sure we make repeat guests out of the new guests who come to visit us too," Mr. Anderson explains. The Holiday Inn is a resort that has remained with the same name in Aruba for 50 years, always with a great staff effort that makes sure the connection with the guests are always meaningful, just like a family.  Hans Christiaans, Finance Manager at the Holiday Inn, knows a lot about this connection built with the guests, which is one of the biggest driving forces of the Resort.  "Back in the day, the Lobby used to be closed in, and afterward, they opened it up so that the very first thing that our guests see when they come here is our beautiful beaches. And this defines Holiday Inn, always changing and always coming with new ideas to accommodate our guests in every way possible", says Mr. Christiaans.

Culture of unity
Ronella Tjin Asjoe-Croes, CEO of the Aruba Tourism Authority was also present at the event to congratulate every employee and celebrate the 50 years of existence and achievement of the Holiday Inn Aruba. "With the Holiday Inn team I have always noticed that the culture stands out a lot", says. Mrs. Tijn Asjoe-Croes. She continues to explain that the culture of unity, working together as a team, as well as the number of years that many of the employees have worked at this Resort, says a lot about the identity of it. "It is beautiful to see how Holiday Inn again recognizes the drive behind the success, which is the people that work here. The resort is a surely a role model not only for how they keep investing in their product but also this amazing attention to their team", says Mrs. Tjin Asjoe-Croes. The Holiday Inn is surely a hotel which has come a long way, a very important partner for Aruba, with the most rooms in that area. They are a family that will surely continue to make progress for another 50 years to come. On October 22nd 2019 the Resort will be properly celebrating their 50th year anniversary. Congratulations and great gratitude go out to every stakeholder, partner and every employee of the Holiday Inn Resort & Casino Aruba.

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