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Aug 02, 2016

Instant fans at Sopranos' Chardonnay tasting

Sopranos Piano Bar Aruba - Chardonnay Tasting

"I liked everything,'' was the comment of one of the guests at the end of the Chardonnay tasting, held at Sopranos Piano Bar last Thursday. It was the reply to an invitation to order a free glass of your favorite Chardonnay at the bar. And indeed, the four Chardonnays that were tasted were superb in their own right, differing greatly, but still offering the crisp, fruity and fresh notes that make this wine, made from the Burgundy grape, so popular the world over.

The wine tasting started with the introduction of Aruba Wine and Dine's sommelier Fernanda Gimenez by Sopranos manager Joey. He explained that the wines came from Romar Trading and Pepia Est, while the carefully selected tapas would be served courtesy of Fishes & More Restaurant, also in the Arawak Garden. More than 15 guests showed up for this tasting, which was expertly led by Fernanda.


The first Chardonnay was a 2012 Attems from Northern Italy; grown at the Austria-Slovenia border, this golden-green wine has aged in steel barrels, with 10% added that has fermented in oak barrels. The mozzarella-cherry tomato skewer that accompanied this wine, enhanced its green apple aroma. Number two was a  traditional Pouilly Fuissée from Louis Jadot. Soft, subtle with a pineapple-lemon aroma and lots of minerality, this cold-climate Chardonnay went perfectly well with the garlic mussels that were served. The 2011 Oyster Bay Chardonnay from New Zealand gave the palate a totally different sensation: more like a Sauvignon Blanc, this wine stood out, especially when sipped together with the mahi mahi bits that were served.

The tropical fruit and vanilla notes of a California DeLoach Chardonnay (Heritage Reserve, 2014) were greatly appreciated by all, especially when morsels of lobster made this wine reveal its excellent oaky balance. It was a match made in heaven.

The next wine tasting will be extraordinary, as dessert wines will be playing starring roles. The date of this tasting at Sopranos is Thursday, August 25. If you would you like to attend, please make your reservations at

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