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Cathaleya Cosmetics & Coffee Shop in Ponton

Nov 06, 2019

Introducing Cathaleya Cosmetics & Coffee Shop

This story got its beginning about 11 years ago when she was first introduced to the commercial world.

At the beginning of her journey she was fortunate enough to work with world renown brands like L’Oréal Paris, L’Oréal Professional, Maybelline New York and Kérastase.

After a number of years as a representative for these brands and various others, she started wondering how to start her own venture as sorts. She was in Cartagena at the time, where whilst at a very peculiar café, it hit her.

She suddenly knew what to do. And it was all thanks to the wonderful experience at that café, which was an attractive and enjoyable one. The concept of a Café and a library all in one. That was it! While checking the menu, she noticed they even served alcohol. Being a coffee lover, she knew she wanted something like this: A combo café, a café with a twist. Her twist would be different, however. She needed to find a twist in combining her cosmetics expertise, make up and sorts and the Café aspect. And thus, Cathaleya Cosmetics & Coffee Shop was born, named after her beautiful daughter Cathaleya. 

Cathaleya Cosmetics & Coffee Shop in Ponton

Cathaleya Cosmetics & Coffee Shop today offers a relaxing atmosphere where one can enjoy a delicious Puro Coffee, a sandwich, a wrap or a snack all home-made. At night time, come and enjoy “Cathaleya at Night”, a perfect place to socialize, whilst enjoying a coffee shot, a glass of wine or a mixed drink, accompanied by our delicious parmesan chicken wings. Our small retail area offers different presents and cosmetics as well.

Cathaleya Cosmetics & Coffee Shop is available for small events, presentations, workshops or any other type of event. Located in the heart of Ponton.

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