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Arts & Culture Activity in Aruba!

Oct 20, 2022

Local artist Erika Moran: in her own words.

Local artists, a group I am proud to be part of, are getting more opportunities to present themselves and share our art with Aruba's visitors.

As a local artist on the island of Aruba, I must say that the visitors of our one happy island of Aruba are giving great support to Local Arts. Thus also for this fact, I am very thankful. Whether purchasing a souvenir-sized piece or a larger piece of art, our visitors buy hand-made pieces from my colleagues and me. Their support is vital to us.

Erika Moran

Besides contributing to local art sales, we are also getting more and more visitors wanting to join our art classes or workshops. The visitors also embrace these activities during their stay on the island. People love to create, if possible, also on their destination.

In that light, I am happy to announce that I am forming part of a new type of Arts & Culture activity in Aruba. Arts & Culture are being merged into one action. With these fusion activities on the tourist market, we want to present the richness in creativity that the local artists have to offer and link the Arts with elements like local history, culture & nature.

Erika Moran

To get a good idea of who I am, you need to know that I was born in Barranquilla, Colombia, but have been living for more than 12 years now in Aruba. I get inspired by the Aruban culture. In my work, I express my way of seeing the world and experiencing emotions through colors. I genuinely believe that by experiencing art, people explore different ways of transmitting knowledge and awareness. For me, art can be seen as the path that represents and the voice that tells you the story through time.

Thank you for your attention, and you will be hearing from me again.

Learn more about Erika Moran's private art classes.

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