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Jul 10, 2017

Locals enjoy special menu at Sweet Peppers Aruba!

Locals enjoy special menu at Sweet Peppers Aruba!

At Sweet Peppers Restaurant and Bar, we work hard to satisfy everyone, including tourists and expats visiting Aruba along with locals who call One Happy Island Home.

Located inside the popular Caribbean Palm Village resort in Noord means we get a steady stream of tourists staying at the resort, but throughout the month of July we’re celebrating all our local friends and fans with a Summer Local Special – a three-course meal for just Afl 45 per person when they show us their local ID card! Your meal begins with a complimentary glass of Sangría you can sip while you decide what each course of your meal will include.

Course One of Your Summer Local Special: Appetizer

The first choice you have to make for your summer local special is which appetizer you’ll enjoy to whet your appetite. Choose between our Fish Ceviche or our Tomato Soup. Either one is a great choice, but we think everyone needs to try our Fish Ceviche. It’s quickly becoming everyone’s favorite appetizer at Sweet Peppers, and for good reason! Chunks of super-fresh, locally-caught Grouper are marinated in lemon juice and sea salt and tossed with onions, tomatoes, lettuce and cilantro. The combination of lemon and cilantro gives this appetizer a zesty zing to wake up your taste buds. And hiding at the bottom of this dish are fried potato slices that ground the dish, as do the tortilla chips you can use to scoop up mouthfuls of this lovely salad. But you’ll be equally satisfied if you choose our Sweet Peppers Tomato Soup made fresh from tomatoes blended into a puree and served up with a dash of cream and herbs.

Course Two of Your Summer Local Special: Entrée



You next choice is what dish you’ll enjoy for your main course, which can be either our Pan-Fried Grouper Fillet or our Mixed Grill Skewer. If you’re a fan of locally-sourced grouper, you’ll love our pan-fried grouper fillet enhanced with our signature Mango-Creole Sauce from a family recipe and served up with rice and mixed vegetables. But if you’re looking for a great variety of meats hot off the grill, then you’ll want to try our charcoal-grilled skewer with a mix of chicken, beef, and Argentinian chorizo interspersed with onions and sweet peppers and smothered in our delicious red wine sauce. This is served up with potatoes (mashed or fries) and mixed vegetables or boiled broccoli and carrots.

Course Three of Your Summer Local Special: Dessert



When it’s time to finish off your dining adventure, your final choice is which dessert you’ll enjoy, which can be either our Caramel Flan or our Chef’s Homemade Brownie. Our flan is truly a delight, drizzled in caramel sauce, topped with fresh strawberries and served up with whipped cream on the side. But our homemade brownie will also more than satisfy your sweet tooth. It’s served up with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and topped with chocolate syrup.

If reading about this Summer Local Special has your mouth watering, then it’s time to visit Sweet Peppers in the Caribbean Palm Village resort and enjoy this three-course meal for just Afl 45 per person with your local ID card (excluding tax and service charge). Feel free to stop by anytime or call ahead to +297 586 0740 and make a reservation. You can also visit us online at the Sweet Peppers website.

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