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Feb 09, 2017

Manchebo Beach Resort’s Green Team Keeping the Beaches Clean

Manchebo Beach Resort’s Green Team Keeping the Beaches Clean

Located at the most beautiful white beach and turquoise blue sea in Aruba, the Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa has been a leader in sustainability and responsible tourism for years. This luxury boutique resort was the first Green Globe member to earn prestigious Platinum Status since January 2016.

Part of the ongoing green initiatives is the participation in the Sponsor a Mile concept. Every third Wednesday of the month guests, staff members and management teams are invited to participate in keeping Aruba’s pristine beaches clean.

In January, the first cleanup of the year started on Eagle Beach filling many bags with plastic and other trash. Numerous green initiatives are in place at the Manchebo Beach Resort which target major environmental and social issues as well as having a policy commitment for improved environmental and social performance.  In addition, the resort conducts various projects on renewable energy sources.


With Sustainable Tourism on the rise Manchebo maintains a high level of tourist satisfaction and ensures a meaningful experience to the tourists, taking full account of current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of its staff, visiting guests and community. Various Community driven outreach programs are organized, Eco-friendly biodegradable cleaning products & room amenities are featured; Eco-friendly Emission Free Cars, Energy efficient Energy - & Water Savings Equipment and Recycle/Reuse Program, Environmental and Responsible Purchasing & Take- back policies with local suppliers, ensuring that hotel purchases Eco-friendly products and support ECO friendly businesses. 

“The world has a fixed amount of natural resources, and as the population grows our resources are pushed to its very limits. We must preserve the environment so that our children and future generations can benefit from it, and enjoy the same life we have,” concludes Lidia Halley, Environmental Leader at the resort.

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