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Mi compromise graduates

Nov 05, 2018

Mi Compromiso first graduates Caribbean Palm Village Resort

The first group of employee graduates Mi Compromiso Cu Aruba at Caribbean Palm Village Resort.

Mi Compromiso,  means my commitment to Aruba, and it is an educational program designed for all persons working in the tourist industry. 

The program enhances the knowledge of the island’s tourism product, with a focus on excellence in service, and sustainable future environment.

Designed by the Ministry of Tourism, it is an investment in people, improving their level of professionalism and upgrading their knowledge of the island.

Caribbean Palm Village Resort conducted the first round of the certification program, with the first group of employees who together explored the most important chapters of Aruba’s history and tourism history. 

They also reviewed natural resources, culture, attractions, service standards, and awareness of their own personal development.

Program curriculum included a number of consecutive sessions of a few hours discussing Tourism, Sustainability, History of Aruba, Excellent Service, Excellent Communication and Winning Attitude.